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  1. For ethical hacking, I don't really do, so I won't have much knowledge about that. Sorry.
  2. For programming you don't need powerful machines, unless you are doing like machine learning and training models.
  3. Kinda hard to find a laptop with Kali Linux, but any normal Windows Laptop can get Kali Linux
  4. What cache method would you suggest for Ubuntu.
  5. I would, but that won't be cost effective as I use the laptop rarely. Long boot times didn't affect me much before, but after I started using Mac's with SSD's and all, it kinda broke my habit of waiting for laptops to boot.
  6. Would using it as cache for Ubuntu speed up the boot time?
  7. In my laptop I have a 16gb Intel Optane. Now I am using Linux and with a 1 TB hard drive, Linux boots very slowly (Ubuntu). Is there a way I can use the Intel Optane Memory module as a normal SSD or as a high speed storage, so I can boot Ubuntu from the Optane instead of Hard Drive. Thanks!
  8. On the PC, check if the gateway address is fine or something. Can you ping your router/gateway?
  9. I would say linux is not for the closed mind people. As you have to be very open to changes if you are deciding to switch to linux, since in Linux you cannot be like: "Why doesn't linux to this thing that Windows has, this is stupid". Instead you have to be willing to change if you switch to Linux. Also Linux is not for those who rely on Windows applications that don't run on Linux, maybe your job requires the app, then Linux is great for like a second device, but for your first it might not be so great.
  10. I am not sure 100% of the exact model number netgear, but I suggest that you turn off `QoS`. Also, check if you are on 5Gz. Also one tip as I have xfinity, you should tight the wires of the coax everywhere there is a connection to ensure all connection goes through.
  11. Can't guarantee that for sure, but the current Lineage OS official builds currently being released are Android 10, so if ever the device gets listed, then you can definitely update to Android 10. To put in context, a Samsung Galaxy s3 released in 2012 currently running Lineage OS Android 7. So that phone should also survive pretty long. Is a phone really important? How about Bluestacks emulator on your MacBook or Mac?
  12. You won't need Lineage OS at first. The phone I suggested comes with Android 9.0 out of the box. Lineage is only needed if you decide to update the OS on the phone after it loses support for updates or it starts to get slow. You are probably good for 3-4 years for your use cases.
  13. You can insert an SD Card. They are pretty cheap.
  14. But you could flask a custom rom! Like Lineage.
  15. I checked my carriers website and this is the cheapest android phone they have that I think is pretty good. Motorola moto e⁶ - 16gb