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  1. No, the GPU is not used and i bought it from a reputable seller from amazon brand new. And my motherboard has a Pcie x16 slot so it should support it. And This problem is happening after i unplugged my First Gpu from my system. After that no GPU gives any display on my pc. Speaking of PSU, my cooler master MWE has 550w which is more than enough for a Rx 570. And the thing is when i bought this PC earlier it already had the old Radeon Hd 5450 installed in it which worked flawlessly unltil i plugged it out oneday in frustration. After that neither that GPU worked in my pc nor the new Rx 570, which leads me to believe that its quite unlikely that both of my GPUs have been damaged.
  2. SPECS: Gigabyte H81M-S2PH Motherboard Intel i5-4440 Processor 8gb HyperX DDR3 RAM Cooler Master MWE 550w PSU So i recently bought a Rx 570 4gb Asus strix and i installed the GPU on my PC but when I try to boot from the GPU my computer monitor just shows a black screen while all other components seem to work just fine. And when i unplug the GPU and boot from Intel HD graphics it boots up into windows just fine. I previously had another crappy GPU which worked fine but i removed it from my pc and was using The integrated graphics becuz it was better after that again i tried to install that Gpu and it never worked. Even tried installing it on My friends Pc and no luck so i bought the Rx 570 thinking that my previous Gpu wasnt working and still with the new Rx 570 i am having the exact same problem. I need help. Thanks