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    Microstutter after ram upgrade

    Asus H61M-C motherboard 1x Kingston KVR16N11S8 / 4gb 1600 MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 DIMM 240-Pin, 1.5 V 1x Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 DIMM HyperX Red FURY Series 1.5 V i did notice playing game that hogs below 4gb runs smooth but once i open opera or chrome or any other program that lets it exceed to 6 or 5 gb gets me some microstuttering while playing Maybe its an issue with ram cas freq. timings?
  2. Ridix786

    Microstutter after ram upgrade

    Like i said Happens on most games with less cpu usage as well https://youtu.be/5ScoC_2-tdE
  3. Hi first post ever Still cant tell if its ram or the cpu but there are microstutter about every five minutes after loading an area in game, doesnt matter if the game takes less or high ram, but when i take out the new 1x4gb ram stick it runs with no problems. i think it could relate to ram timing but am not sure Also dont mind the cpu bottleneck in the video below its just for that game, same thing happens even on games with 50-60% cpu usage Things i've tried : Driver update using DDU Changing CAS latency Updated bios https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/16355252 https://ibb.co/zFvhFhK https://youtu.be/2mtqS_VNudE