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  1. If I recall correctly qemu is able to boot into a VM with a headless host. Wouldn't technically doing this allow the VM to have full control of the integrated graphics? I'll probably need to do some testing once I get my laptop. (Potentially I am even considering loading Linux + MacVM on an external drive so I can leave the internal NVMe as Windows).
  2. Hi, I created an account to ask this question =) @GabenJr I have gotten my laptop to previously directly boot into a virtual machine windows hyper-v, where my virtual machine was using the full CPU, GPU and RAM. My question is whether this is also possible for what you have shown, which would allow say someone with a laptop without a dedicated GPU to directly boot into MacOS and have the option of enabling graphic acceleration (and only thus a useable mac os). You hinted it in the video so I would like to confirm =)