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  1. My apologies, I meant that there is a stock cpu cooler. I'm using the 2200g
  2. No actually I will not put any CPU cooler. Alright, so if it has 3 fan headers, I can only put 3 fans to it?
  3. Alright then, I will be using the deepcool RF 120, I've got 4 of them. I'm planning to plant 3 in the front and 1 in the back. The motherboard I will be using is a basic B450M-HDV. Now can I put all 4 of these fans to the board without me actually buying more fan splitters?
  4. Huh. I guess this thing isn't so bad. Guess I'll let him pass
  5. Alright? But what about that 80+ standard efficiency rating, is that a bad thing?
  6. That isn't my PC unfortunately. It was supposed to be my friend's cousin.
  7. So, should I still swap his power supply? I mean, it's still got the less efficient standard 80+ certification, similar like the first one.
  8. The build itself is meant to be budget. My apologies for not telling you that. Here's the build if you need it -i3 9100F -B360m HDV -GTX 1050ti -1Tb HDD, and a s55 240gb -MWE White 450 V2 -Patriot Viper Elite 2x4gb
  9. So, my friend intends to buy a budget PC, for his cousin. When I looked at it, I started to feel suspicious about the power supply, I've never seen this unit before, not in where I live atleast. It was the cooler master MWE White 450 V2. I've seen the normal MWE series, it was mediocre. But from what I've seen so far the differences are the cables. They're black. What do you think?
  10. That's very disrespectful, man. Also I'm on a tight budget
  11. Yeah so, I just bought a case, this case includes 3 RGB static ring fans in the front. But where should I put each and every single one of them? I'd opt for the best performance. Here's the link though : Beli CUBE GAMING VARDE & 3 PCS RAINBOW BOREALIS FAN https://tokopedia.link/SOiVVrBxTX di toko distributorkomputer Rp449.000 di Tokopedia Sekarang! ps. I live in Indonesia.
  12. Yeah, sort of I guess. I didn't really "agree" to be the host, my parents are
  13. Because they're FORCED to come, their parents. It's like they're having some sort of a meeting and they're inviting their kid over
  14. Alright so like, 20 of my friends will come over to my house, and since my house doesn't really fit much for all 20. And I have little or no interesting things in my house to mess around with, by me asking this question you can already tell I'm not that popular/likeable. I'm a broke videogame addict, and I need your help. *Please note that if you're thinking we should play any PS4 games together, nah I only got 2-3 controllers or so.