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  1. So, recently Sony announced the Ps5 and it's specs, will this be the end for the PC gaming masterrace? Will PC gamers abandon their computers just for this immersive technology?? Personally I am a big fan to PC Gaming. It'll have eight cores of the seven-nanometer Zen 2 microchip. Although the console will support 8K, displaying at this resolution will be dependant on TVs catching up. The graphics, meanwhile, will be driven by a custom version of Radeon's Navi line. This graphics chip will support ray tracing *source GameSpot. What do you guys think?
  2. Oh, well I would rather save money for a 1060 or higher, I mean I already built this PC so, that's a mistake I guess. But I already tried it and it doesn't seem to be loud..? And I personally play video games up to 8-13hours but not everyday.. well I can't change it but that's something I should learn now. About "hot" I didn't feel it YET. Just bought it today and only played for 3 hrs, and I still am
  3. You mean like a different 570?
  4. Sure, that'll do
  5. Alright guys, thanks for all the support through all of that threads that I posted, in result, I finally built my new budget $500 Gaming PC, is it good for that budget? Specs: Processor - Ryzen 3 2200g (OC to 4ghz) Video Card - MSI Radeon Rx 570 Armor OC 8G Power Supply - be quiet! Pure Power 10 400w Motherboard - X370M-Pro4 RAM - V-Gen Tsunami 8gb dual channel 3000mhz Storage - WDC Blue 1tb 7.2K RPM Case - VenomRX Fury - mATX CPU Cooler - Deep Cool Gammaxx 200T Thanks!
  6. I'm actually looking at a RTX 2060, but my CPU will be Ryzen 5 1600, but what if im still using the same PSU? Will it be enough
  7. Wait what? are you sure a 400watt PSU can run a GPU with the minimum requirement of 600-700watts??
  8. So I currently have an Rx 570, pairing w/ the R3 2200g Overclocked to 4Ghz and so far it's been doing very well honestly, but it's 2019 after all and for me it's a great time to upgrade my GPU, just wanna know how far can this thing hold? Y'know? For future upgrades
  9. *update ok so I changed to a better motherboard that is X370m Pro4 AND I just wanna ask 1 question alright? now, you said me overclocking Ryzen 3 2200g pairing with the Phantom D Rx 570 4gb is okay w/ that PSU, but how far can I push? 4ghz at least? Because more GHz more power are consumed.
  10. Ooh.. but therefore is there any performance difference between the 2?
  11. I've been confused about this topic, I meant there are 2 totally different models from e.g ASRock, like X370 Pro4 and X370M Pro4, what's so different about them? The one with the "M" are slightly cheaper than the ones that haven't got one (from what I've seen), what's the deal tho? What's the difference here? What does it mean? Any Advice would be appreciated
  12. My ram is a V-Gen Tsunami 8gb (2x4) 3000mhz
  13. Uh.. Well I have my DeepCool Gammaxx 200t if that's ok?