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  1. any suggestions for motherboards that are both Hackintosh compatible and allows me to use high end parts for an excellent gaming machine?
  2. Any benefit for not having it part of the motherboard? (using up a PCI slot)? I haven't built a PC in a long time so I am sure things have changed.
  3. I did say Thunderbolt 3 (i would like 2 ports at a minimum)
  4. Hello all, First I am on a budget but I do plan on upgrading components as I can. I am not sure if I want to go AMD or Nvidia at this time but I have seen many impressive reviews of AAA titles with Nvidia. The only reason why I would consider AMD is to possibly use the same build as a Hackintosh (if I can get DUAL Boot, that would be awesome) So my biggest issue is choosing the motherboard and case. I know once these two are selected, everything else will be more streamlined. For the motherboard, I would love to have as many expansion slots as possible and definitely want to support Thunderbolt 3 (at least 2) RGB lightning is not a concern for me. My computer will be hidden away in an area where it can get as much air as necessary (so fancy RGB lights isn't something I am looking for).
  5. Hey I am new to Hackintosh PCs so if I buy this motherboard and CPU, is there a tutorial that I can use to put it together? Could I dial boot (Windows/macOS)? Is virtualization a better route?
  6. Great video. I’m interested in building a machine like this. what parts did you use (motherboard)? I heard you guys say that one instance that the ASC didnt work so you replaced the motherboard. I want to use Intel CPU’s for Windows games and Mac for productivity. thanks