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  1. C SPARTAN95

    Fan Setup Question

    So actually to add onto this, the fan doesn't seem to be dead. It's current'y in sys fan on the motherboard. But if I connect it via molex adapter it works, so going to buy another adapter. I'm still going to look at replacing the rear fan, maybe the CPU fan and look at getting a top exhaust fan. I've been looking at Noctua, does anyone have any suggestions? I was going to replace the 200mm as well but I don't think the Noctua fan would fit in the case due to the thicker fan casing.
  2. C SPARTAN95

    Fan Setup Question

    To clarify I have ordered a new 120mm. Thanks for the help all!
  3. C SPARTAN95

    Fan Setup Question

    Hi All, I bought this pc a while ago but have only just noticed the fan setup. So I have a Coolmaster Storm Enforcer case. This has a 200m fan at the front of the case, a rear 120m fan (which is not working). On my CPU I've got a cooler master hyper 103. So just to clarify I'm not having any temp issues, this is more just a best practice question. The front fan has been setup to exhaust air, I always thought this should be intake. What are everyone's opinions on this? P.s I realise the case it dusty, it is in the process of being cleaned. General Specs: i7-6700k 4ghz 16gb RAM Corsair TX650 GTX 1080