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  1. realpetertdm

    r5 2600x vs i5 9400f (100$ difference)+

    If you're multitasking then Ryzen
  2. realpetertdm

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    RX 590 usually performs better then the 1660 on productivity, sometimes blowing the 1660 out of the water. It also stands up similarly to 1660 in gaming. Considering that the 1660 and the 590 are now similarly priced, RX 590 is better
  3. realpetertdm

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    RX 590 8GB is 219 on Amazon. GTX 1660 is also 219 but with less memory. It's either the same or better. And gaming performance better on the 590 compared to the 1660. If we go up to 1660ti then we're losing a bit but1660? RX 590 is better here.
  4. realpetertdm

    PC upgrade

    Ryzen 7 1700 going for 160 on amazon. Also ryzen 7 2600 for 230 bucks on amazon (I was actually surprised by this, never thought a Ryzen 7 would dip to 100s lol, Amd is literally blowing the competition out of the water)
  5. realpetertdm

    PC upgrade

    Also I recommend going 16 gig ram if you can
  6. realpetertdm

    PC upgrade

    If it's an i5 6th gen then it's probably gonna bottleneck. You'll need an i7 or a Ryzen 5/7 i7-8700k is one of the best out there but the price is way too big at least for me. Go AMD, their Ryzen 7 lineup goes for like 200? Or if you want you can wait for 3rd gen to come out
  7. realpetertdm

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    Why don't you go for the RX 590? It's slightly better then the 1660 and is much cheaper then it
  8. You got a pretty nice deal tbh I did notice that FX processors had really fast base clock, like in the 4GHz area. Shuffling by clock speed on pcpt shows a lot of FX CPUs
  9. Yeah I meant heavy FPS games and AAA titles If you're going for a bit of a casual walk (i.e. LoL, TF2, etc) then a lower GPU will do fine although why would anyone buy a FX
  10. First of all check the mobo and psu, you might need to upgrade them too and if you're going to game then get an i3 8th gen at least. i5 & Ryzen 5 preferrably. Also like people said don't go for the 1050, RX 570 should give you better performance for lower price
  11. realpetertdm

    Streaming/Gaming CPU needed

    If you're purely gaming then almost always Intel has better performance - for now If you're going to stream then Ryzen will be better, but do expect some performance drops compared to Intel. Nothing too substantial though
  12. realpetertdm

    Am I building a bottleneck?

    CSGO is a game that is famous for favoring Intel. If you plop an i5 vs a Ryzen 5 then i5 usually performs 10+ frames better. Of course, it's not that much of an issue as long as you get playable framerates.
  13. realpetertdm

    Am I building a bottleneck?

    IMO you should go for Intel if you're going to be playing CSGO
  14. There really isn't an "omg massive improvement" solution. It's a laptop, there isn't any way to improve thermals beyond 5 or so degrees. Try getting some of those cooling pads stuff for laptops. idk or just plop an icebag on it ^
  15. I did use a bit of a hyperbole but point still stands, I assume at least two or three reports to be flat out lies and most of them just caused by ppl not reading instructions and peeling off the seal