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  1. LTT did a review of the Valve Index. The Index is like a RTX 2080 Ti - it's not really the best in price to performance but it is the best hardware money can buy right now. The Index has a 120Hz screen with experimental 144 Hz, and one of the highest resolution displays on the market, and there is a lot of new technology in it.
  2. I assume the RX 500 series would get massive price cuts once the 5500 releases, so I might just grab a RX 590 if it drops under $100, would be hell of a deal.
  3. AMD please stop bullying Intel with core counts, they're already barely holding on with their 14nm+++ lineup
  4. How did Valve kill their communities? Dota 2 & CSGO are still going strong with massive communities, TF2 has 300k followers on their subreddit despite being 12 years old. Valve is good at making singleplayer FPS, multiplayer FPS, MOBAs and more, shown by their massive success in Half-Life/Portal, CS/TF2 and Dota. What kind of opportunity did Valve miss again? Valve's big focus was on VR since at least 2016, probably even more before that. Just because a company made a game in the same genre as another doesn't mean it's a cash grab. By that logic anything can be a cash grab.
  5. I'm fine with microtransactions if they're done like Team Fortress 2 - almost entirely cosmetics that don't affect the gameplay. That way players can enjoy a fair gameplay without paying more and the developer earns more money. Kind of disappointed that they're eating their own words but oh well.
  6. Team Fortress 2 had microtransactions at least since 2010 (Mann-conomy update, which added new cosmetics, trading and the Mann Co. Store). I don't really get what you're trying to say with TF2. Are you trying to say that Valve copied the microtransaction system from OW/Fortnite? If someone copied something it's Blizzard/Epic who did it. Artifact was a collaboration between Richard Garfield (creater of MTG) and Valve, where they tried to mimic the styles of an actual tabletop card game (where you need to buy cards). Hardly a cash grab. Poor economic model? Sure. But a cash grab? Not really, considering the amount of effort that went into Artifact.
  7. A baseline VR headset costs about the same as a RX 570, a budget GPU.
  8. $200 Windows Mixed Reality headsets exist. $100 if you buy used.
  9. People who want the best VR experience. I can buy a GTX 1660 at newegg for $300, who would buy the RTX 2080 Ti for $2000? People who want the best fucking experience, duh.
  10. Can you stop talking about things you don't know about? Like, seriously, don't. This specific title was in development at least since 2016. Source code leaks were happening since summer of 2016 and continued until late 2018. Valve Index was revealed on April 2019. So according to you Valve saw that the Index wasn't "doing too well" (lmao), traveled back in time to 2016 and made HLA? Yeah, that sounds about right. 15 hours of excellent VR gameplay for $60? Total cash grab guys, fuck Valve right?
  11. Can you retype or edit this? The text is cropped out on my phone
  12. Damn, first Tunnelbear and now PIA. I personally use Windscribe because I get free 15 GB of data for free every month, idk about their privacy record though.
  13. Guess you missed the flagship VR game thing written in the tweet. What part of "flagship" sounds like a tech demo? Are you thinking about The Lab, because that's a completely different game.