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  1. evga 450 gd (5year warranty) for 65$ any thoughts?
  2. what about ea550g pro? which is a rebranded seasonic focus gold and has a warranty for 7 year
  3. thx everyone for the answer anyway i can get an used evga 850gq with 3 year warranty left for 65$ is it worth it? or pp11 500w (5year warranty) for 77$ ,antec ea550g (7year) for 82$ is buying an used psu worth it? does warranty for a psu really important?
  4. something like this except i didnt drill it, because theres enough hole for the cable to pass through
  5. well i didnt really modified it, I though adding a fan wouldnt cause fire anyway if i have to choose between an pp11 and an ups, which one should i choose? power outage happens 2~3 time a week
  6. well, the fan failed already and i jerry rigged an free nzxt fan. what would worse thing could happen if i didnt replace it? i planned getting an pp1 500w from bequeit but instead i considered getting an ups since blackout happen pretty often here :v
  7. does psu tier really matter? what worse thing could happen if i have a tier c psu? im using an cx600 (old) on a rx 580+i5 7600k. what will happen in the long run if i didnt change to a better psu? thx before
  8. no its 7 year warranty, the seller mentioned it is made by seasonic actually i wrote the price wrong due to currencies conversion. antec is 5.7$ more than pp11 pp11 is 4.3$ more than leadex silver anyway i think im getting the pp11 500w because its cheaper and has more reviews thx
  9. sorry its in indonesian https://www.tokopedia.com/enterkomputer/antec-ea-gold-pro-550w-ea550g-pro-80-gold-modular?trkid=f=Ca0000L000P0W0S0Sh,Co0Po0Fr0Cb0_src=search_page=1_ob=23_q=antec+gold_po=10_catid=306&lt=/searchproduct - p2 - product
  10. which one is better? 1.antec ea550g 7year waranty (82$) 2.evga 450gd 3year (54$), 3.leadex silver 550w 3year (72$) 4.bequeit pure power 11 500w 5year (71$) 5.bitfenix whisper 550w 7year (96$),a bit overbudget 6.a used evga 850gq with 3year waranty left for (65$),overkill and didnt like used stuff :P my specs: i5 6600k stock=65w h270m mobo rx 580= 160w undervolt, 225w oc 2hdd, 2ssd 4 rgb fan