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  1. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    Is it really needed for me to upgrade my ram sticks though?? I'm from Denmark so prices are a little different here and I very easily go over my budget. Does the ram sticks really make such big difference in performance?
  2. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    Thank you so much for the help!!! I really do appreciate it, have an amazing day everyone seeing this!
  3. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    There's only about 50 usd between the 2600 and 2600x any reason why I shouldn't pick 2600x?
  4. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    Okay, can you come with a reason?
  5. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    I know, but if I were to buy a i7 8700K, which Surreals suggested I would without a doubt overclock it, which would result in me having to buy better and more effective cooling and going over my budget
  6. MrMarcz

    What CPU for gaming??

    Yea true but wouldn't that require me to get some pretty good and a little expensive cooling since I would be overclocking it, to go pretty high?
  7. Hi So I've been needing a new CPU for a while so now it's time to do so. I've been going between the i5 9600k, Ryzen 2700x, 2700 (Non-X) and the i7 8700, but I seriously cannot decide. My current pc specs are: i5 6400 2.7GHz Asus b150m-a GTX 1060 6gb 16gb ddr4 2133MHz 500w power supply And since my power button on my case broke a little while ago, I need a new case. I mostly play PUBG, BF5 and a little CS:GO here and there. So a total budget of around 800 dollars for a new CPU, motherboard, case and if needed CPU cooler, nothing has been decided so please help a brother out :D Great day!