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  1. I want to try my hand at photo editing, but I am unwilling to use Photoshop because I hate the idea of software as a service. What other options are there? I´ll mainly be using the software for making memes and cleaning up vacation photos and the like, nothing super fancy, and I don't mind paying for the software once. Thanks.
  2. This is exactly what I need. Thanks!
  3. I have a HTPC in my living room, and I want to set it up so that I can log on to it and use it for my usual things, such as having my password manager log me into services I use and having personal documents in my document folder etc., while also having a way for guests to boot it up and access my media drive without being able to access my personal stuff. I also have a separate drive that I want to be able to access myself, but don't want to share with my guests. Also, I want to lock down the guest access to the system so that guests cannot install software or make changes to the OS. How would I go about this? Can I set up a user profile with as little access that I want it to have, or would it be safer to dual boot guests into a separate instance of Windows?
  4. I have this problem where my PC will sometimes wake up from sleep during the night, and it is driving me nuts! I've traced the problem to Windows Task Scheduler > UpdateOrchestrator, where the option to wake up the PC from sleep to search for updates is enabled by default, but when I try to uncheck that box a password prompt pops up and asks for the password to a user called S-1-5-18 to let me do it, and I can't progress. What is going on? This is unlike any other problem I've ever had with an OS, and it almost looks like an error. Is there a workaround, or do I need to submit a ticket with Microsoft?
  5. I ordered parts for a new gaming PC for a friend literally hours before I got the news about DX12 Ultimate and how navi GPUs will not be supported by it, and the GPU I picked out for him was an RX 5700-XT. Now I worry that the card will age badly, and I am wondering if I should send the card back when it arrives and get him an RTX 2060 Super instead?
  6. Well then that was quick. Thanks.
  7. If one were to build a modern sleeper PC in a case that has room for a 3.5" floppy drive, is there a way to make it actually work? I've searched the web for a PCIe IDE controller or something that could connect to an internal USB header, but so far I've come up empty.
  8. I would: 1) Use the stock cooler of whatever Ryzen processor you choose, and spend the leftover cash to: 2) Buy a dedicated CPU rather than an APU, as you will be running a discrete GPU anyways. See if you can find a Ryzen 5 1600 AF, or failing that get a 2600. 3) Get a Super version of that GTX 1650. The updated version is not a lot more expensive, and the improvements are tangible. 4) Get 16 GB RAM. 8 GB will do fine for many tasks, but if you will be using the system for gaming those extra 8 GB will go a long way. You have leftover RAM slots, so you can always do this down the line if you want to test your luck with the initial 8 GB. Also, what will your friend be using this PC for?
  9. I´ll present him with the ITX option as well, and leave it to him which case he likes best. That said, do you use an SG13 yourself? Will a PowerColor Red Dragon fit height wise?
  10. I should have mentioned that he also wants to play retro games, and I have always thought of Nvidia as having better compatibility with older titles. Am I mistaken here?
  11. That is a very good point. I've replaced the PSU with a 700w version of the System Power 9.
  12. A friend of mine wants me to help him build his first ever desktop, as he have been doing all of his computing from laptops until now. He has a maximum of 1500 euro to use for the system in total, and due to the human malware situation we are mostly limited to shopping parts at Alternate, a German online store that will also deliver goods to us here in Denmark. The PC will need to: - Be somewhat portable, preferably with a handle on the case. - Offer a super snappy Windows user experience. - Be upgradeable. He´ll be using this system for a long time, and I want it to be able to catch a second wind at a low price in a couple of years. - Be able to run Fortnite and any JRPG title that people play these days at 1080p high at 60hz or better. Medium might do, and he never specified the details, he just want these titles to run 'well'. Here is a link to the pcpartpicker list. Of the money we have left over, I´ll try to find a Win10 license with Office 2019 for 50ish euros, and have him pick out a nice mouse for the remainder of the budget. I have a spare keyboard that will do for now. So, can you come up with a way to make this build better and/or nicer without increasing cost?
  13. But the first four cores is set to 50 and the last to 48. Why would all cores be limited to 48 then? EDIT: Yeah.. I just noticed. I am not setting the individual multiplier for each core, but the multiplier for all cores depending on how many cores the system draws upon. That explains everything. Oops.
  14. What would 'manually tweaking' entail in this case? Ive changed the LLC voltage to level 5 from auto, which has lowered the overvolting to around 1.30, and Ive changed the overclock from an all core multiplier of 50 to having the first 4 cores running at 50 and the last 4 running at 48. I am testing temperatures under load as I write this post, but it looks much more manageable now. However, CPU-Z tells me that all cores are running at 4800 mHz now, and that is true wether I set the multiplier 'per core' or 'specific per core'. How does one change the multiplier for each core individually?
  15. I assembled my system last fall and simply set my multiplier to 50, tested it with 30 minutes of CPU-Z stress testing, and thought nothing more of it. However, in order to better understand my hardware I recently downloaded HWMonitor and Prime95, and I am now questioning the wisdom of my overclock. Firstly, this is how my system looks after a few hours of gaming (In this case, GTA V): https://imgur.com/Tf9oPrL 74 C is not worring to me, but this is how the system looks after 20 minutes of CPU-Z stress testing: https://imgur.com/YVZ0jbn 85 C is as far as I am willing to go, and this load exceeds that. Prime95 is even worse, and will almost instantly push temps to 85 C and would no doubt keep rising if I had let it run. I am running a 240mm AIO in a mini ITX tower, so upgrading my cooler is not really an option. That leaves me with two options (that I know of at least); Lowering the voltage or lowering the multiplier. I am not really CPU bound on anything I do, so dropping the multipler to 49 or 48 will likely be no issue, but I am at a loss regarding voltage. The CPU voltage is set at 1.20 in the BIOS, so why does it get 1.40 under load? Is my mobo overvolting, and if so, how do I stop it from doing so? Would it even help to reduce voltage in the BIOS when the CPU gets more than what it is allotted anyway? How would you get the temps under control? If it matters, I use an ASRock Z390 Phansom Gaming ITX/ac.