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  1. How easy would it be to cool a Ryzen in a small case? I was turned off by the fact that they ship with largerer coolers that I had room for in the ML08, and I assumed that the large coolers were there because the Ryzen chips needed them. And as for why I chose SFF? Well, I did not plan to get multiple graphics cards or utilize any of the other features that larger boards bring to the table, so I figured that I might as well save the space on my desk.
  2. Right then, Ive updated my build: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/HerrBrackhaus/saved/9f3CLk I ended up tweaking a few things, most notably a better SSD, faster RAM and a liquid cooled i7-9700K, and the system definitely looks more high-end now. I am going to add case fans too, but I need to research the number of fan headers on the mobo and plan accordingly for a good air flow. Thank you all for your feedback.
  3. The Sugo does look neat and efficient, I´ll definitely take a look at it
  4. Ive been using Mac laptops for everything computer related for years, but lately I was given a Windows 10 based computer at work and got inspired to build a similar setup for myself at home, only mine needs to be able to play games. More specially, I want to play games like World of Warships, War Thunder and Overwatch at 1080p at a smooth frame rate and with a high detail level, and when I am not gaming I want to be able to use 2-3 monitors simultaneously for viewing spreadsheets and documents and sometimes run 1 or 2 VMs on the side. For this I plan to acquire a 144 Hz TN panel with a 1 ms response time for gaming, and 1-2 slower IPS panels with clearer colours and sharper contrast for everything non-game related. The system itself needs to be packed into a small ITX case, only because I have fallen in love with the Silverstone ML08, and because I want to be able to easily carry my computer with me when I visit friends to play games. My budget for the computer itself is equivalent to about 2000 US dollars, but I am willing to go higher if there is any significant performance gain or future proofing to be had. My build plan: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/wsh9gw Build specific questions: 1) I am worried about thermals, and have tried to pick components that won't overheat and throttle in the small case. Ive chosen the i7-8700 specifically because it only draws 65W of power, but I am aware that I am giving up some power by doing so. Would I be able to effectively cool an i7-9700k or even an i9-9900k in this case? And would the performance gain be worth the extra cost? 2) Regarding the graphics card, does anyone know where I can find its physical dimensions? It needs to be no wider 121mm in order to be fastened with the stabilising brackets included with the case, but while it looks like it will fit the brackets just fine I want to be sure before I order. 3) Speaking of thermals and graphics cards, would a blower style card be a better match for a case like the ML08 that lacks case fans? In any case the blower is lower and might fit the brackets better, and the ability to transport hot air out of the case may be a boon. 4) And speaking of blowing and graphics cards, if I decide to go with a premium CPU and blow my budget wide open, would a 2080 ti be any good in this build? Or would I need to invest in a better board and faster RAM and whatnot to take advantage of it?