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  1. Took out RAM, put it back in, reset the CMOS jumper, again, took out the GPU & the CMOS battery, put both back in and still have exactly the same problem. I started it without RAM on accident, and got akkustic feedback, so I think the mainboard is alright. I think I'm gonna give up and get a new PC since mine needed an upgrade sooner or later anyways. Still, if anyone has any ideas, please do post them.
  2. Thanks anyways. I might try taking out the gpu tommorow. If I make any progress I'll post updates here.
  3. Nope, I can't seem to find the batterie, I think it might be under the gpu and I want to try everything before trying to take that out.
  4. Today I decided to reset my bios, it had a password and I couldn't remember it. I opened my case and took of the CMOS jumper, i put it on the other two pins, waited, put it back on the other two, powered on the pc and, suprise, it didn't boot. My motherboard is: A960D+ When powering on, I get a video output (A black screen, never changes, both when connected to the graphics card output and to the output from the motherboard) Keyboard & Mouse power on (Lights go on) I can't do anything, blackscreen forever. I've already reconnected the jumper. After a bit of googling, I think it might be an issue with the power supply connection to the motherboard. Please, help.