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  1. Hi All, As of 2 days ago, my GPU fax is getting very noisy when it spins up. Kinda sounds like a wire is touching it, but im assuming a bearing is gone. Its a galax GTX1070 sniper so im really not sure what my options are, its not like its just a case fax that i can just replace. What are my options? Thanks Update: makes no noise at +70%
  2. Hi all, Recently ive been having a lot of issues with the RGB on my Razer Balckwidow Elite. I cant control the RGB at all and cant save profiles to the keyboard and the software hangs whenever i change something. I thought it was a keyboard issue but it works fine on my lappy. I can even save profiles from lappy to the keyboard but they dont load by default on my PC nor can i edit/delete profiles from PC I believe its a windows issue as I have recently done a few things to 'optimise' win10 using some youtube vids and a few other things and I now believe ive done something thats causing an issue. I have already reinstalled drivers and software (and yes, a few reboots). I tried a few things from this site: https://www.christitus.com/clean-up-windows-10/ . But my question is, does anyone know anything like a service for example that could be causing an issue between windows and keyboard? Thanks
  3. just purchased an Acer Predator 27" and having a few annoyances...wanted it as secondary monitor but games generally only work on primary (without using windowed mode and other tricks...) The annoying issue im having is that it seems that windows is stupid. It knows that the Acer is bigger and higher resolution but when you move the cursor or window between monitors it goes wonkey as it seems to be measuring window size/location by pixels and not scaling right. So a moved window is literally smaller when it crosses the monitors. That part is tollerable, but it means that the cursor also moves... higher is at the lower half of the screen and lower if on the top half. Does anyone know of a workaround? Thanks ALso, does anyone know a decent workaround so that I can have my smaller monitor the primary with games loading on the secondary? I can swap the monitors around, buit the included cables with the Predator are a bit short and cant even reach across the table
  4. UPDATE: thanks to all who helped. I think the NAS has an issue itself. After power cycling, it looses all settings including passowrd and time. So, at least a scored a couple 1TB drives which I can use for backup of photos n stuff
  5. Ive already tried installing Win10 on a spare SATA HDD... the furthest i got was being able to boot off the CD until I got a jibberish screen (not BSOD or any obvious error, just crap)
  6. I have in my possession a Dell T110 server with a Xeon 3400. My intention was to just install Win10 and give it away as a school/office PC to a relative. I have no experience with server grade equipment and failed to really do anything with it... couldnt even install an OS. Given the mobo long boot time and the difficulty with using server hardware as an office PC, ive given up on the idea. Wanted to ask, is there anything I could use it for (or the processor)? I looked if there were any non-server mobo I could use and couldnt find anything. Maybe I just sell it for cheap on ebay? Thanks
  7. Thanks,. My current issue is that under "volumes" there is no icon to create a new volume. However, the NAS is detecting all my drives correctly. I have tried searching the issue but the only times i have found but, there was no answer
  8. So my update... Im running a 2TB in slot 1 and 3 x 1TB. When i go to create a new volume in Raid 5, it shows the 2TB as having 0 space available and therefore I can only make a drive of 2TB in RAID 5. Any ideas on this? Thanks
  9. Well, I'll find out TMR... I've set up the 2TB and freeded up the additional 1TB, it's 2300 here, so I'll have to finish tmr
  10. Thanks. Yea, i assumed I would be wasting 1TB, but its worth it since im not using the 2TB atm anyway (and have other spare drives). Thanks
  11. So i scored a seagate balckarmor 440 NAS from work, complete with 4 x 1TB HDD (woohoo). I want to get it working in RAID 5 on my home network for backup and cloud style storage. So I powered it up, connected to Ethernet, and it is VERY clickey on boot but then settles down. It will power off before completing boot. If I remove all the drives, it gives an error after booting "No system HDD Found" I put all the drives in a dock separately and it seems that drive 1 & 2 are dead (hence the too good to be true deal). Given that theres 100% no way for me to recover them (not that I want the data on them anyway), deleted the volumes on them that were part of a RAID. I put a working 1TB drive and it installed onto that drive. I do have 1 additional spare 1TB drive (same model) making 3. I have not worked with RAID 5 before, but I need to know, can I use a 2TB drive in slot 1 for Parity with slots 2-4 having 1TB drives? I am making a few assumptions along the way here, so please correct anything ive said that is wrong. Thanks
  12. I was curious what the correct term was so I googled it... and it only gets complicated there. Apparently "differently abled": is an "outdated term"... but you can use the word "disabled" but not if referring to a parking space. You simply cant knock someone just because they have not kept "up to date" with politically correct speech...
  13. Defiantly solved. Watching the latest LTT on youtube and what do I see on Liunus' table... Predator...
  14. All good points... great site for comparing monitors too. Looks like ill go with the Acer... only slight difference in display, better ergonomics and extra USB! Can never have too many USB ports
  15. All good points... great site for comparing monitors too. Looks like ill go with the Acer... only slight difference in display, better ergonomics and extra USB! Can never have too many USB ports