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  1. Yeah, Just bought a 3700x. Looks like it will do nicely. Thanks.
  2. Anyone any update on the whole 3700x vs 3800x? I've just cancelled my 3900x purchase as the seller said it will be some time before they get them. So what is the average FPS difference between the 3700x and the 3800x?
  3. So hear me out. This might sound mad what with all the latest buzz and excitement around the Zen2 launch. But doing some fag packet maths.... Intel might actually be the go to system for gamers. Lets break it down. by AMD's own slides we saw parity with Intel in gaming. I think we can all agree on that. It's roughly the same. (And thats by AMD's own slides, showing best case for AMD). so it is favourable to AMD to say that they perform the same in gaming. Anyway. Lets focus on price then. 9900k can be had for $450.3800X will likely be $400. So at this point AMD wins to the tune of $50. Alas....AMD requires "premium" memory to hit its best performance (and likely what was shown by AMD in the keynotes, they aren't going to show gaming benchmarks vs 9900k on junk RAM now are they. So add is decent RAM for Zen 2 for say $150. Intel will get the same performance with half decent 3000Mhz RAM at $75. So now we have AMD loosing to Intel to the tune of £25. But it gets worse. Motherboards. As we are seeing. X570 boards are going to be expensive. Lets look at a typical gaming mobo choice for many. the ASUS ROG STRIX F Gaming. On Z390 its around $190On X570 its going to be £299!! a $109 premium. So that takes our grand total to $134 MORE for the X570-3800x system than the Z390-9900k system. Thats with performance (by AMDs own metrics) pretty much identical. So in all seriousness. Once the hype dust from Zen2 settles. Is Intel now the best choice for gamers?
  4. 3733Mhz CL16 is the sweet spot for Zen2. The further you drift from that point (either in less speed or looser timings) the worse performance gets. This speed may increase slightly if you overclock Zen2, And then will depend on how much you over clock it. It could turn out that CL16 4000Mhz is the best. But for stock zen2 is 3733
  5. Lol. Im so lost. You asked. why get a 16 core when a 12 core exists I said. by that logic why get a 12 core when an 8 core exists. You said.... "Because it has 4 more cores". LOL You see what you did there?
  6. yes. that's not really relevant to my point. I'm looking forwards to the future. I don't see game devs coding for more than 8 cores because of future console specs. Ergo I would think there is no point getting the 3900x or 3950x for a "gamer".
  7. By that logic what is the point in the 3900x over the 3800x? Likely they will overclock to the same frequency. And with the new consols being 8 core, very likely games for the next 6+ years will be coded for 8 cores. So what is the point buying a 3900x, 3800x is already a killer?
  8. Not per say, but the RAM was on offer so with Ryzen 3000 on the horizon (and talks of faster RAM being better) I just grabbed it.
  9. Cool, I'll just hold on to it then, bring it down to 3733Mhz and tighten the timings then.
  10. Will I be able to do that OK? (never underclocked RAM) It's easy to find B-Die here in the UK - OCUK bin for it. This is what I bought. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/team-group-xtreem-8pack-edition-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-32000c18-4000mhz-dual-channel-kit-black-my-098-tg.html Thinking of swapping it for this. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/team-group-dark-pro-8pack-edition-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-pc4-28800c16-3600mhz-dual-channel-kit-black-my-08q-tg.html Because of this image.
  11. I plan to buy the 3900X I just bought (last week) 4000Mhz CL18 B-die RAM. I am wondering if I should return this and buy (for $20 less) 3600Mhz CL16 B-die RAM. Thoughts?
  12. Let's be honest. I am not giving away any of my secrets until Linus and the rest of LMG come and give me my personal hello and welcome.