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    Coding, Linux, Web Development, JS, CSS, HTML, Java.
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    Celeron N3060
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    4 gigs of 1600 MHz LPDDR3 goodness
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    It's a chromebook actually
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    32 gigs eMMC
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    11.8' 720p goodness
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  1. well, I don't know much about this case but it sounds to me you're having a lot of hardships with the distro... might as well try another one pop!_os finds the drivers and guide you in a sort of dumbproof way... you could install it and come back to manjaro once you've learned bash enough or you could force your way through with some bash crash courses... and a lot of googling around, try arch linux wiki...
  2. been learning C for college... all I can say is I freakin love it, and performance is a blast I don't think it's slower than other less strict languages, you'll just need to pay attention to what you're doing EDIT: I meant slow in the coding proccess
  3. A way to teach coding without really programming but still coding. Learnt it in college last semester, it was fun.
  4. Most programming languages won't accept a special character such as "$" as the first place. You could try using "_$", maybe... what's the language/framework?
  5. this seems way too sketchy... shady at least haha Here in Brazil people say Java is the most used one, commercially (is that a word?), followed closely by C.
  6. Told you back in the other post but I'll say it again: Don't know everyone else's thoughts but mine is IM SOLD AND ALL ABOARD THE HYPETRAIN1!!1 CHOO CHOO I'm learning to code (college program[it works very differently than in USA but it's a college degree]), and I intend to go for web developing, that means I don't need a whole lot of computing power (as I said before I got a chromebook for all the portability and battery life, plus I just need chrome and a text editor), I don't game (I have an almost 2 yo daughter which I intend to spend most of my free time with), I don't intend doing any video editing. I'm basically their target audience... plus I'd love to make some linux ARM native software if I ever get the chance...
  7. I haven't bought a laptop with windows from a loooong time. I guess I just did once, but back then it wasn't a problem. Young stupid me didn't know about the penguin master race.
  8. Wait what? We can return the oem license? Are you serious? How in the hell we do that? Most of laptops here in brazil comes with this piece of bloatware they call windows except from some rarities... that means I could get a freakin refund???
  9. How about laptop cpus? Have we got any news?
  10. I'm eager to see the laptop cpu battle hahahaha We're the only winners *shrugs*
  11. @ILoveZed the macbook is fairly underspec'd in comparison to the xps you've showed There might be better options in the middle. I think all of this money on a mac with an i5 could be given in another less expensive brand, but you'll surely survive college with a mac I couldn't see exactly what i5 was that but ressearch on intel's ark if it's one of the i5 dual cores. I would suggest a quadcore i5, like these ones from 8th generation if possible Or you could go even lower and try to survive with an i3 (they're mostly dual cores also but come in cheaper laptops) I see laptops as almost disposable tools, since it will probably be kinda bad in 2-3 years, but each one has its own mindset
  12. Well, I'm adept of the MVP way of thinking, so the Minimum Viable Product is the optimal for me, but that's just personal. If you really want a mac, and if it's cheaper than a XPS (which I find very weird), you'll be able to code. You may have some issues messing with servers configurations, but you'll probably outlive it all. Is this mac used? Is it in good condition? What country is this? How does this currency translates to U$D?
  13. If you're asking this question then the answer is: Mac will do no good for you. Want a safe bet? Get a Winderp... sorry... Windows laptop that can run a VM with Linux on it and you'll be good to go. You'll have to test the programs you'll be making on the final environment (don't know if it makes sense, english is not my first language but whatever). If you write an application in C (good old C, they'll probably teach it in this program) you'll have to compile it to the architecture you'll use. Since most users go with Windows you might as well do the same. Or you can ressearch about Linux and enter the penguin side and run a VM for Windows testing. Since W10 license is paid the first option might be the best, if you get to buy a laptop with a license strapped in.
  14. Where's OP? Wanna see where this goes.
  15. I was actually talking about desktops. But yeah, it can happen in Linux, but way less frequently, but mostly because of the small user base. So windows itself uses an API for everything the user does? (that's a legitimate question, I don't know the answer)