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    Diy projects, Art(Music, Drawing), Writing, Acting, RACING, Cycling, Camping, Technology, Science, SWIMMING, Driving, GAMING, Coding
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    What the hell can I say?
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    Asus Mx 34VQ
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    Surround 5.1
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    Asus snsz007vn53

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  1. so I just downloaded tekken 7 and when I try to launch it it says that my gfesdk is unproperly installed suggesting that I would either reinstall or disable it. Well, the thing is that I don't know hot to disable it. Plus my gpu is amd. Any ideas how to solve it?
  2. Also, how can I use other graphical styles this war of mine other than pixel art?
  3. I mean, okay, I am going to create something. But should I download cocos2d or unreal engine? Otherwise how can I create the game?
  4. What software can I use for pixel art and how can I learn it?
  5. Python and c++, a very little bit of javascript. Still, I am an ameteur.
  6. Also I am told not to use many engines, languages and resources but to focus on one language, engine. How correct is that?
  7. Well, don't get me wrong, I wanna do programming.
  8. Also how can I draw the graphics since I have no experience?
  9. I want to create some games, I have never worked with graphics, just made some little proagrams.
  10. If I use a characters graphics from street fighter 2, would they copyright me?
  11. How can I publish a game on facebook, Also what formats do they accept? For example can I publish an unity project or an android app?
  12. Will use Java then, however how can I also work with unity since it uses c#?