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  1. IlSandManIl

    Question about AIOs temperature

    I guess the temperaturea are fine then. Thank you for all the replies.
  2. IlSandManIl

    Question about AIOs temperature

    My expertise in this area is very minimum. Based on what I read in different posts, I thought that I could get below 60C with low noise. Did I get a wrong impression?
  3. Hello guys, First time posting here, also tried the buildapc reddit forum.I have a problem with my current build and I am hoping this is the right place to post and that you can help me. Current PC setup: Motherboard - ASUS ROG Maximus X Formula CPU - Intel I7 8700K (non OC, I did not tinker with its frequency) PSU - Corsair HX850i RAM - 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB GPU - GigaByte AORUS RTX 2080Ti Extreme WaterForce AIO Case - Corsair 570x Mirror Crystal Black CPU cooler - Corsair H150i Pro Fan Placement: Front Intake (H150i pro 360mm Rad) - 3 x Corsair LL 120mm RGB Fans Top Exhaust (RTX 2080ti AIO 240mm Rad) - 2 x Corsair LL 120mm RGB Fans Back Exhaust - 1x Corsair LL 120mm RGB Fan A while ago I have bought the GPU and mounted the radiator in its current position. My plan is to game at 4k @ 60 fps, but I didn't buy yet a 4k monitor yet because currently I have no more money :). Current PC looks: https://imgur.com/a/sJxnyM0 https://imgur.com/a/vuf9nPL The problem: The only game on which I have and used it for testing was Destiny 2 and using its Render Resolution option set at 200%, which makes it 4k and downscales it to my 1080p monitor. I did not try any synthetic tests. When I start the PC, both the CPU and GPU idle at ~33C. Using AIDA64 applet on my G19 keyboard screen to monitor the GPU and CPU load and temps, with an ambient temperature of around 25C I have: GPU load varies between 60-88% depending on the scene and the temp were between ~55C - ~65C, fans were at ~1500RPM and pretty audible. CPU load was around 55% with temperatures also around 54C-55C, fans were at ~1000RPM and pump is set at max RMP which is 2160. These temperatures were achieved with the case top and front glass panels removed so they don't obstruct air flow (not a fan of removing the panels). I have tried to move the GPU aio fans on top for intake, but I can not lower the GPU radiator because it hits the tubes from the Corsair Hydro. My questions: 1. Are these temperatures normal given the current situation? I was hoping that GPU and CPU would not pass 60C. I am scared of the temps it will reach in Metro Exodus with RTX on? I have based my opinion on the similar posts: /r/nvidia/comments/a4kssc/aorus_2080ti_waterforce_aio_first_impressions/ /r/nvidia/comments/b7o2pw/gigabyte_aorus_2080_ti_waterforce_review_avoid/ 2. I thought that maybe I massively screwed myself going with AIOs and should have tried building a custom loop( never did before). I found posts with custom builds in the same case with different results. Some have same or worse temps than my AIOs, other have -10C difference. /r/watercooling/comments/9si4s6/water_cooling_temps/ /r/watercooling/comments/9tzcm3/are_my_temps_acceptable/ /r/watercooling/comments/7v0r0r/first_water_loop_build_corsair_570x/. I have a spare Corsair 900D case. Is it worth trying my luck at building a custom loop for my PC in that case? Is a custom loop which prevents both the CPU and GPU of going above 60C when heavily gaming at 4K, doable? Initially I wanted to go with the RGB looks and hassle-free water cooling, but now after seeing the temps I do not feel satisfied. Any help/tips are appreciated. Thanks