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    Far from Done

    This is a Long way from done, I am still designing and 3d printing fake covers from the Memory, GPU and Storage, plus all motherboard covers and plates to cover all the pass throughs in the case. Then I need to find someone to do the hard line I keep messing it up I call it the HAL-9900X I have attached a Photo of the Work so far, a fake press release and some of my designs The Hal 99003 is a plate to cover the 1080ti HC New Plate is a 3d printed name plate to replace the stock thermaltake version Currently it is an intel I9-9900X running at 4.6GHZ Dual loops dual 560 Radiators 14 140Mm RGB Fans 32Gb 1080ti (soon to be a 2080ti) 4x Intel 760P in raid 0 on an MSI X-pander Aero Pro (designing new plastic for it) Also Building the Eye out of a Used Wide angel lens off eBay New Printer and Laser Cutter coming soon so no updates till they get here.