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  1. Yeah i know its not going to harm anything but i'd like to see what speed i'm actually running at Lol.. And what other feature can you think would cause this?
  2. Hyper-V isn't even installed on my system.. I'm running windows 10 Home I tried disabling it and following that link with no avail, I looked up on how to disable it, From what others are saying its not compatible with home?
  3. Okay so, I have a core i3 3220 Overclocked to 3.6GHz, Task manager doesn't show the overclock speed, Nor does it even hit base clock, The cpu stays around 2.3-3.0GHz... When under 100% load it still doesn't even hit base speed (3.30Ghz) Other tools Show 3.6GHz even under no stress. Bios shows 3.6GHz as well.. Any ideas?
  4. Old and horrible i7 620, The windows updates installs a broken driver for my card, it installs the latest which never worked in the first place.. So thats out of the option LOL.. i managed a 266.77 driver but it stays at a black screen until the computer shuts off.. So that doesn't work either.. The card DOES work on a different computer but just not this one anymore
  5. Hopefully that isn't the case, I'm stuck with what I got.. Don't know why it randomly decided to break, was in the middle of a game and it told me there was an issue with the driver and after a reboot the driver completely failed and Nvidia installer won't detect my card anymore.. if there's anything that could help, that would be much appreciated.
  6. The issue is, The driver started to crash, After attempting to reinstall it then it says there's no compatible hardware for that driver... Device manager shows the card but there's no driver installed for it.. So i don't know really what to do.. The card works in another computer without issues but not on this computer anymore..
  7. i use it for gaming and also video editing, It was working fine on driver 306.97(i believe it was that one) And my intel HD is wayyyy too slow for gaming or anything like that.. the default driver from windows doesn't work on the card and it just goes back to the Basic display driver thing in windows and also breaking the Intel HD's driver
  8. Okay, So this has been a long road of trial and error with this Geforce 210 1gb card, I tried the latest driver from NVIDIA and it leaves me at a black screen.. I have Intel HD graphics and Geforce 210, I've tried 5 or 6 different drivers for this card and none are letting it work.. It sits at a black screen until the driver crashes and goes to Basic display driver I'm on windows 10 x64 Thanks.. (I know this is an old card but it's the best i can afford LOL)