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  1. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    Yeah, saying just 2080 i wanted to include even 2080MQ. They are all around that range, but looks like that the zephyrus is the only one so thin
  2. Leonardo Fiori

    Custom HIDevolution laptops

    Internet is a small place Tried to ask you some info about HIDevolution even on other forums.. What do you think about it? Can i trust the shipping? However: You opened me a new world with that search Never thought that there could be so many resellers. But i was thinking about a customized ASUS Zephyrus, not a clevo. I contacted syspack, they were the only one to have a GX701 in the shop. Yeah i know! I've seen a lot of good feedback about them, but mainly from usa Just wanted to know if someone here has tried it out from europe, and how the shipping was..
  3. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    @MNet so i'm still wandering around the internet just to find out which RTX 2080 laptop is actually the coolest. We figured out that the zephyrus is one of the coolest, but is it actually THE coolest? I rely on tour knowledge
  4. Hi people! I'm new here, and i don't really know if i can freely talk about shops and sellers. If not, please tell me and remove the thread! :) I just wanted to know if HIDevolution is actually reliable for people who buy from europe (in my case, Italy). Is the shipping safe? Has anyone tried it outside america? Actually worth it? I have to thank @GeneXiS_X for recommending it to me! Here in italy it is not so popular and i did not know that it even existed. And, just in case, are there any european resellers like HIDevolution?
  5. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    Just checked it and it is really incredible. I was worried by the fact that for rendering 16gb would not have been enough, then i see that they claim that they can upgrade the ram up to 40gb (8+32). That would solve any issue! Moreover for 90 bucks they even repaste with thermal grizzly and premium cooling pads.. nice! So you say that i can trust them? Here in italy i've never seen people speaking of them.
  6. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    Do they repaste laptops? Warranty? Is there a shop like this for Italy/Europe? Thanks again for the informations! I checked the software on notebookckeck.net and i have seen that it has a manual mode where you can adjust fan speed and clock speed, so i can achieve what i want! The only problem here for me are the ram slots, why the heck didn't they make a 32gb model.. moreover here in europe/italy on the eshop they sell only the 16gb one, to get to 24 you need some DIY, as you already said. By the way i will be waiting some more time before buying, so i will check again later. I will be getting into 3d animation and rendering next year, so for photoshop and other lighter things i can still struggle with my heat-generating xps 15 for a while. And just to say: i am happy that asus did not use a 4k panel, windows is a disaster if you use it over full hd, i have tested it on my skin with my xps So when i will buy it i will be happy with my 1080p, but still high quality, panel. (Just to make an example: illustrator's and photoshop's effect gallery panel interface does not scale up at all to 4k, you need a magnifying lens to use it). However thanks for now! In the meantime i hope they will release a newer version with upgraded ram capability.
  7. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    Actually interested more in performance rather than price value so no problem, until the laptop does not throttle as hell like my xps 15 (actually I don't know even if it is normal or if it has a factory problem, I even undervolted and repasted it, and it is still hot, I just reduced a little bit of throttling) I did not expect an answer like this one Thank you really much, you are really helping me! So good news for me, the thermal design is actually worth it. Personally I would avoid repasting, I did it on my xps but just for necessity. I'm interested in cooling because I will use it for rendering works (cinema 4d) and heavy creative usage (massive photoshop and illustrator files, with lots of layer effects and textures and layers). So I need something that can be carried around, powerfully enough and cool enough to not Melt down like other thin and light laptops do Can I ask you a question about the software included to manage performance and thermals? Is there a mode to make it perform just cooler? Or a manual mode to lower the tdp and increase fan speed? I'm interested more in cooling than in top performance. I need this laptop to last at least two/three years and I will use it heavily. I don't want to make it Melt down.. Maybe when warranty will end I can try even a repasting, who knows Thank you again!
  8. Leonardo Fiori

    ASUS GX701, is it actually cooler?

    Yeah, in comparison to the other 2080 Max Q Laptops did not manage to find any graph.. if it keeps the same temps of all the others, then all the strange layout is pointless. Battery life is not the worst, but for sure not better than my actual xps 15
  9. Hi people, i'm new here! I can't find an answer to this question: is the Asus GX701 actually worth it? Does that strange layout actually make it perform cooler in comparison to the other same-specced RTX2080 laptops that came out in 2019? I can't find any comparison graph that points out temps while under the same load, at the same room temperature, for the same amount of time. Can you help me to answer this question?