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  1. Dr. Hillarius

    MSI VA Gaming panel

    Thanks, can you recommend certain reviewers?
  2. Dr. Hillarius

    MSI VA Gaming panel

    Do you have experience with high refresh rate VA panels? If you do, how much do you notice the blur that is due to the response times? Also, is there a place i could look up the "independently" measured response times? I would also prefer VAs, but i'm also playing faster games like Overwatch every now and then, so i really want to avoid a blurry image.
  3. Dr. Hillarius

    MSI VA Gaming panel

    Okay, so as far as i understand now, IPS would generally be better then VA, except for contrast and blacks? In how far does one really perceive the response times? Problem for me is, i don't have a nearby hardware store, at least not to my knowledge (of course there are a few tech stores, but none that has that much comparable stuff, maybe i'm just to dumb to find one).
  4. Dr. Hillarius

    MSI VA Gaming panel

    So i opened a discussion earlier about the acer Nitro VG0 VG271UP and how it would meet my expectations. Though after a bit of research, i now found another competitor for the spot in my setup: the msi optix MAG271CQR at 1440p 144hz. It is a VA panel, so it should give me great colours (right?), yet, as far as i know, VAs are known for rather blurry images when gaming because of slower pixel response times. So my question is: Is it good for gaming? Or does the image simply get to blurry? If not, i would prefer it because of better colours and the curved display. Thanks in advance!
  5. Dr. Hillarius

    Acer Nitro VG0 VG270UPbmiipx

    Ok, thanks! Looks like it's gonna be the one, then. I'll be able to deal with the stand, might even wallmount it
  6. Dr. Hillarius

    Acer Nitro VG0 VG270UPbmiipx

    So, i'm planning on getting a new system + setup (old one is just super out of date). I'm pretty sure about what parts i'm going to get, except for the monitor. I want to have a high refreshrate 1440p monitor, preferably with an IPS panel. So after looking around for a while, i came across the Acer Nitro VG0 VG270UPbmiipx. It seems to match my expectations, but there's pretty much nothing about it on the internet, except for the sellers sites. So my question would be: does anyone have this monitor? If yes, is it good considering backlight bleed and input lag? Also, a very general question: Are the 4ms response time good for gaming in comparison to a tn panel, or does it get noticeably blurrier? Thank you in advance, Hillarius