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  1. unhappyface

    My other halfs first gaming rig

    I checked before i paid for it thankfully its not one that got recalled but ill be keeping a eye on it just in case anyway. Thank you.
  2. unhappyface

    My other halfs first gaming rig

    Ive build a fair few before including my own but Its the first time my other half has built one for her self, i only helpped with the cable management in the back and putting in the cpu since she was scared to break it.
  3. unhappyface

    My other halfs first gaming rig

    She picked alot of corsair products because "i like the little sail boats"
  4. unhappyface

    My other halfs first gaming rig

    Hey, first time posting, long time viewer. So to start with my other half is a very picky person everything has to match and it must go with everything else that it will be near by, The theme ended up being white so we started looking for parts and heres what we ended up with. SPECS Intel core i5-8600 MSI B360 gaming arctic Corsair RM750X 80+ gold Corsair vengeance pro rgb 2666MHz 2X8Gb Corsair H100i RGB PLATINUM SE Gigabyte RTX2070 gaming OC white 8G Kingston 240GB SSD 2T harddrive And 3 extra LL120 white corsair fans All in a corsair 275R but a acrylic side panel (she got scared of the glass breaking since we move around alot) Also still waiting on some cablemod to come in with the combs I decided she should learn to put it together (i did the cpu and some cable management) she didnt need me to explain much only point out things on the manuals and she was done with in the hour connecting everything and booting it up. She jumped for joy when i told her everything was working perfectly. What do people think? Is there something we could have done better or can do better? Let me know what you think.