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  1. Hi everyone, First post here :) I have a "small" space on my desk where I can put at max two 25" monitors side by side. I currently have a Benq BL2410PT (24") which I bought for color accuracy 3 years ago and one old cheap 22" asus monitor. I'm pretty close to my screen (40cm - 50cm). I have a i5-6500 and a GTX-1060 6Gb I do two things mainly : developing raw pictures in Lightroom playing FPS game Sometimes I do some video editing on Premier Pro where I definitely use my double screen. Apart from this case, i mainly use my Benq since it is a bit wider and better than the Asus. I wanted to change my old asus monitor to switch to a freesync (g-sync compatible) / 144hz / 1ms gaming screen and... I saw a bunch of video on damn large screen making me wonder can i have everything in one screen ? I've got a budget of max 650€. What would you choose ?