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  1. Hi, the same BSOD has happened to me, is bcz of the RAM, i had a dead stick of ddr3, and it was BSOD-ing, try some ram.
  2. For 350e, i recommend going with a 3rd gen ryzen APU.
  3. I used a vriety of GPU`s HIS HD 5450 ASUS HD 5450 Radeon R5 240 RX 570 GTX 470 GF 9600 GT
  4. I have an AsRock G31M-GS for a retro gaming pc While using it for casual usage, the system shut down, never to turn on. That was after the upgrade: Before : Pentium D 925 1gb Ram ddr2 GF 9600GT After: Core 2 Quad Q6600 4gb ram ddr2 GF 9600GT i did everything, used different PSU`s, varying from FSP, Corsair,BesTec... The mobo will only power up without the 4 pin CPU EPS connector.
  5. Well...you fucked up a life
  6. In Australia there is also 240V
  7. Was that the voltage switch? Are you having 120 V (US) or 240 V (EU) ?
  8. I just fucked up an highend-ish PC 6 years ago because in the middle of the BIOS update the electricity turned off
  9. I have 3 PC`s in total, including the ThinkCentre Acer Veriton M275 Acer Nitro 5 ThinkCentre M55 SFF
  10. I updated only one motherboard BIOS in my life, and the wall power is well...not so clean let`s say.
  11. Well, i am a geek and i saw that the BIOS is a piece of shit it only supports the CPU`s from the era they were selling, it won`t overclock. I saw that a Q6600 can run but it would say: Unknown CPU BIOS and the fan jumps to 70% ( Jet engine) to protect the CPU because it doesn`t know what cpu is it. I wonder what it will say in the Product information category in the BIOS (pentium 4 =))))
  12. i Also Had This Issue, on a HP Pavillion With A 4460 Too. The CPU is the colporate. Try swaping it
  13. Criss.KIA

    Is ryzen good for gaming

    Ryzen Boiiiiiiiiii It`s cheaper and boards are cheaper.
  14. Criss.KIA

    What is that?

    It`s a fire pit, it will light your system on fire =)) Well it`s a Pentium 4 , 1M Cache and 3.4ghz