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  1. greenhorn

    Your anti-vaxxer stories

    That's not an easy topic and I have seen people from both camps get very emotional up to the point were having a civilized discussion is quite hard to have. I think there is ample scientific evidence that vaccines have helped making many serious diseases disappear or at least become quite rare. One problem with the effectiveness of vaccines is, that it can only be measured using statistics. That's a powerful but often misunderstood tool. Statistics only work when observing a large number of events (e.g. a large number of patients), because only then the observed results can be expected to sufficiently approach the statistical figures. Concerning links between vaccines and autism: I recall hearing about a large study from a while back that claimed combined vaccines to cause autism in some cases. Despite being exposed as beng seriously flawed (resulting in some authors distancing themselves from the results and the lead author loosing his medical license), it keeps being quoted by anti-vaxxers. Personally, I have got all the standard vaccines. I believe they are important and useful and I trust them, especially those that are around for a while. Amid all those vaccine-related discussions, some people also talk about the optimal age to vaccinate kids/babies. This is one aspect that probably needs to be reasearched a bit more.
  2. greenhorn

    POLL: What CPU + GPU combination do YOU have?

    tombstone grey perhaps?
  3. greenhorn

    Show off your old and retro computer parts

    They really look nice. I have almost forgotten how bulky laptops were not that long ago. The one with the bad LCD probably could even be used for a sleeper PC build (as a tower with desktop PC parts) with the LCD/LCD frame/backplate acting as side panel of this case.
  4. greenhorn

    S.M.A.R.T Error

    Ok then, this might sound a bit silly, but you could try connecting the drive with a USB adapter (preferably USB 3) and still leave it inside of the case. This might just avoid the BIOS checking on it at boot. To test this before you buy anything, you can also try it with a USB 2 adapter (or borrow one from someone).
  5. greenhorn

    Power up switch with my pc psu?

    In the end, it all depends on your skills and whether part of the reason for that DIY idea is also learning something/having fun. You have to be careful to do it correctly (polarity, no short circuits, proper insulation, etc.) and also remember that any failure of that switch will probably not be covered by warranty. Like any DIY stuff, what you do you is at your own risk. Personally, I would buy a power bar with more sockets and spend some time for desk cable management to make everything look good, even though I have the skills for the rewiring project.
  6. greenhorn

    Power up switch with my pc psu?

    It will work, your switch needs 5V DC with a rated current of 0.6 A, which is no problem for your PSU. If you want to go ahead with this project and have some DIY experience, I would recommend using a 4 pin molex adapter (it has 12V as well as 5V, so measure which is which before connecting anything) so you can detach it any time you like and don't damage your PSU's cables.
  7. greenhorn

    S.M.A.R.T Error

    Check if there is a setting like "SMART monitoring" in the BIOS that you can disable.
  8. greenhorn

    Monitor Arm for VERY thick desk

    Well, you could try using a model like this basic one https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Single-Monitor-Stand-Adjustable/dp/B07DHK5DHN/ref=pd_rhf_ee_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=M11YWCYXHGN76CVWZG2P that looks like the lower (silver) bracket can be unscrewed. You could then buy a flat metal piece with holes to extend the vertical part of the clamp and screw the original bracket back in. Be careful though, you should make sure the modified clamp is strong enough to hold the monitor securely. From what I have seen during my quick search, most monitor arms only have clamps that allow for a desk thickness of upto 4 inches, but there might still be models that fit your desk right out of the box (which would be preferable to the modding solution).
  9. greenhorn

    Monitor Arm for VERY thick desk

    I would say either you buy a monitor arm designed to stand on the ground rather than be calmped onto the desk (those are sometimes used for TVs) or you find a model whose mounting mechanism can be modified using metal brackets etc from a hardware store.
  10. greenhorn

    Fake RAM ?

    According to Ebay the feedback is based on 17 votes only. edit: Looked further, that seller actually has 198 votes/reviews, those 17 are just the ones that happened during the last 12 months, sorry for not seeing it right away. What is interesting though: Only one of those reviews is as a seller, all the others are feedback as a buyer.
  11. greenhorn

    Why are we still using Calculators?

    Calculators are important tools, especially during exams at school and university. Small computers/laptops would be problematic in such situations because they might make cheating too easy (internet access, saving files/formulas on them before the exam, communication between students taking the exam/outside people). I even had some university exams where only non-programmable calulators where permitted. There was one exam in particular where that was annoying for TI users, since we needed to compute the cosh and sinh of complex arguments. Most basic TI calculators can only handle basic operations with complex numbers, so I had to look up formulas for the real and imaginary parts of the result of applying sinh and cosh to complex numbers and then program the two available macro functions accordingly. I assume Casio users might have had a slight advantage there.
  12. Totally agree. I guess I need to build a much more sophisticated, more up to date version of the Enigma for my future chat conversations. /s
  13. Thank you Anthony for the well-made video and all the overtime you put in to make it happen! The 5700XT looks quite nice despite the few instances in which its performance was a bit low, but I suspect that new drivers will iron out some of those. The fact that AMD sent a new driver to the press on Friday makes me think there is still some significant room for improvement there. As for overclocking, I watched reviewers like GN complaining that this card doesn't do too much there, probably in part also because the drivers still have issues. One review (in German only) that I have linked in the megathread showed a 5700XT overclocked to 2100 Mhz core (using a prototype of a EK waterblock the reviewer managed to get), so there is hope for overclocking yet. That same reviewer ran into issues when trying to overclock the memory, but that may be caused by driver issues.
  14. greenhorn

    Anyone know anything about plants?

    You might want to check first whether the plant will be indoors or outdoors. Then you should check how much light will be available at the spot that will probably be assigned to it. I would go for plants that are easy to care for. Since this will be a gift, consider buying a nice flower pot together with it and/or think about decorating the plant in some way.
  15. greenhorn

    AMD reduces Navi GPU Prices before launch

    I just found a review of the 5700XT where the reviewer got a prototype water block and overclocked the core frequency to around 2100 MHz. He was mostly limited by the max value Afterburner would let him select. He also mentions that the memory cannot be overclocked in any meaningful way right now. Here it is (unfortunately in German only):
  16. greenhorn

    5G video

    I have attended lectures at my university during which these topics were discussed, here is the tldr: Frequencies used in 5G are much lower than those of visible light and are non-ionizing. Microwave ovens operate in a similar frequency range, but use MUCH more power, that's how they manage to heat things up. Mobile phones and base stations try to use the lowest transmission power possible (the better the channel, the lower the power can be set to still successfully transmit). That means that if your are close to a base station (and even better in line of sight), your phone can transmit at a ver very low power. Power is an important factor (mobile phones -> battery life; base station: electricity costs) and therefore carefully chosen. Beware of the nocebo effect (similar to the placebo effect: It is possible to feel uncomfortable just because you are thinking the 5G em radiation is harmful. Shady businessmen/companies have been known to sell alleged "shields" against mobile phone radiation. Some of them are plain garbage, other really block radiation but only cause your phone to transmit at a higher power to still be able to transmit, thus draining the battery quickly and increasing its radiation emissions. Most of those products have in common that they are ridiculously overpriced and misleadingly advertised/labled.
  17. greenhorn

    Our BIGGEST Unboxing Ever!!

    Yes, that was for CNC. Fun fact: The North Korean TV has even broadcast a video with a CNC song to show how amazing it is (don't take it too seriously of course)
  18. greenhorn

    Our BIGGEST Unboxing Ever!!

    The advantages are huge: high precision, repeatability, the possibility to simulate before actually running the process, not having to stand next to the machine all the time (especially if you already know the program is going to work because you have run it before),...
  19. greenhorn

    Navi/Ryzen 3000 launch Megathread

    I just watched Bitwit's review after the LTT video. It looks like Kyle has results which seem to look a bit more favorable for Intel. Things I would like to know that I have not seen in any video I have watched so far: 1. Comparison of R7/R9 3000 series vs Threadripper 2000 series, 2. Can PCIe Gen4 lanes somehow be converted into double the amount of PCIe Gen3 lanes to have a larger number of devices well connected to the PCIe bus?
  20. greenhorn

    Our BIGGEST Unboxing Ever!!

    Computer Numerical Control, see also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Numerical_control
  21. greenhorn

    Our BIGGEST Unboxing Ever!!

    You just created the equivalent of Disney Land for engineers. That equipment looks amazing, I would love to work there. I am just a bit concerned about the power draw of some of these machines, I hope this building unit has a properly rated connection (and preferably a 3-phase one) to the power grid.
  22. greenhorn

    AMD reduces Navi GPU Prices before launch

    The next bombshell would be if AMD decided to release new drivers this evening which were not even available for reviewers before with radical performance changes for the 5700 series. I can only imagine the reviewers' reactions who have already spent so much time benchmarking all the new stuff. Despite all the "hickups" just before launch, I as a customer am still happy as I expect the new products to improve the price/performance ratio in both the GPU and CPU markets.
  23. Hi,do you still have the damaged resistor? Its value could be on it or it could be measured provided the resistor itself remained relatively intact. The pictures of the broken resistor's mounting spot do not show any labels for that particular resistor. What worries me a bit is that it looks like the board was scratched in that area,so hopefully there is no damage beyond the missing resistor.
  24. greenhorn

    My voice sucks...that's that I guess.

    I have the same "problem" that I can't stand hearing my recorded voice. As you (the OP) said, a person's perception of his/her own voice is different because of sound propagation through the skull. Don't worry too much about other people potentially not liking your voice. All you friends, family and aquaintances will be used to it and on top of that everyone's perception of sounds is slightly different
  25. greenhorn

    Proximity sensor toggle switch

    I have heard of the keyless entry systems that come with some modern, more expensive cars. As I understand it, your key transmits a certain signal that can be detected by a receiver in your car. As long as the transmitter is close enough, the received signal will be strong enough for the car to stay unlocked. While this may sound very convenient, I would strongly advise against it, because this offers multiple opportunities for car thieves to unlock your car. The first problem is that a thief could try to duplicate your transmitter's signal by just recording it and playing it back. This can addressed by designing the transmitter and receiver in a secure way. The other problem is relevant if you let's say park your car in front of a shop and go into that shop for a while. An attacker could just use a repeater to boost your transmitter's signal to make your car think that you are standing next to it, I recall reading about thieves actually doing this to successfully steal a whole number of cars from a parking lot one time (don't remember when or where exactly that happened). If you plan to DIY such a system regardless, at least make sure that at least the system design is not suceptible to the first type of attack (signal duplication). I would check with your car insurance what would happen if someone stole your car by exploiting this system (I am sure some companies would try to blame it on you instead of paying).