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Slurs Gang

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    Slurs Gang HQ
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    Ladies, Anime, Video Games, Money, Food, Sleep, Party, Dream cars and house. Tech. PORN.
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    I will travel to your house to stab you if you don't share your porn link with me.
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    Slurs Teacher


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    My brain
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    My Organs
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    My Brain Cells
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    My Eyes
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    My Body
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    My Stomach
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    My Blood Cells
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    Stolen Walmart monitor
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    Stolen AC and fan
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    Stolen Walmart keyboard
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    Stolen Walmart mouse
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    Stolen Walmart sound
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    Humanity OS

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  1. Slurs Gang

    Starting gym soon need help

    Typing error? Nice try to make up an excuse to hide your grammar error mistake. It seems like English is not your first language either. You have nothing to do beside trolling other people with your dead " your mom " insult and now " English is not your language " like you are really good at English. First, you come here to say other people posts on here are crap. Second, you begin to be wannable big boy with " your mom" insult and info the same as other people posted in this thread. Third, you switch topic to " English is not your language" to make yourself wannable big boy again. Ima going to let this thread die and ignore you. Don't @ me anymore
  2. Source: https://www.techspot.com/news/79747-millions-people-use-123456-their-password.html No wonder why there are so many accounts got breached with weak passwords. I think these people feel confident that their accounts are secure with these bad passwords. Yeah, it is easy to remember 123456 than some long ass password mix with bunch of letters, numbers, and symbols but the trade off having an easy remember password is account can easily get breach. Yet, people are still using these bad passwords in 2019. These type of people should quit internet for real though. God bless these people online bank account if they are using these bad passwords.
  3. The demon I see in the corner og my room is kinda cute when I experience sleep paralysis.
  4. Slurs Gang

    Starting gym soon need help

    I don't see nothing wrong with my intelligent speaking word nor wannable big boy word because these two words match your description. I believe you are trolling as well. You are too immature to comprehend big words. You have nothing to say so you switch topic to " language " " i now honesty think I am talking I am talking to a child, or at least I hope so." This sentence contains some grammar error too. Stop using google translator, wannable big boy. Ima stop feeding troller like you and don't @ me.
  5. Slurs Gang

    what is your guilty pleasure food?

    Are those 5 stars restaurant sushi?
  6. Source: https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/04/19/kotaku-uk-accused-of-racism-after-trying-to-accuse-nintendo-super-smash-bros-and-persona-5-of-insulting-disabled-people/ Here is the song This is the reason why we can't have nice things because people are easily get offended for stuff like this. Seriously though, what the fuck is this bullsh*t accusation to Nintendo, Super Smash Bros, and Persona 5?! It just a game and a music and yet people are easily get offended. People need to chill the fuck out and stop making themselves look completely asshoe over stuff like this. Sure, they might included some offended slurs but that doesn't mean it is racism. If you don't like it than don't play it, simple as that.
  7. Slurs Gang

    Starting gym soon need help

    " Also train legs" is nothing more than common sense and yet a lot of people skip legs day. Simple common sense to be ignored ehh? I ignored the vast majority of your post because you think everyone else post on here are crap, and yet your post is no different than others posted on this thread. My last paragraph makes no sense to you because you have no brain cells left to comprehend my intelligent speaking. Also, stop wannable big boy because your last " your mom" insult is nothing more than dead insult deserve to be put in the grave for good. Wannable big boy comes here bark big.
  8. https://www.zdnet.com/article/facebook-admits-to-storing-plaintext-passwords-for-millions-of-instagram-users/ Bad privacy policy and now bad security practice. Storing passwords in a plaintext format is just bad, and make the breach easily for the bad guys. No wonder company these days are barely give any " security" to your data and info at all. This news reminds me of T-Mobile got caught storing account passwords in a plain text a long time ago. In addition, Facebook said this, " Facebook said that its investigation revealed that none of these plaintext passwords were abused by employees." Even if the passwords were abused by employees, Facebook will not going to say straight away because that will hurt company reputation. How many of you guys are going to buy this quote? #DeleteFaceBook
  9. Teaching new players to banzai in video game. 


  10. Slurs Gang

    Starting gym soon need help

    Lmao, you come here to tell other people posts are crap while your post doesn't give any good valuable information at all in the first place. In addition, using " your mom " insult is so outdated and lame and it doesn't make you a big boy either. My post is useless? For you but not for other people. It is the same goes you are telling me I am ugly but to other people I am not ugly. If OP knows the tech forum is not a place to ask for this kind of stuff than why post it here to waste time and space?
  11. Dam no Dodge Viper ACR. Sweet Porsche and Nissan Skyline GTR though.
  12. Slurs Gang

    What is your sleeping position?

    Oh. Is it Walmart one?
  13. Slurs Gang

    What is your sleeping position?

    Really? I thought it soft and it is suppose to adapt to your sleeping position.