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  1. Thanks guys, the clearance sale is gonna end this weekend so the price won't be so good anymore But yeah, i should wait for x570
  2. X370 motherboards in my country are on sales and i'm looking for one: - Crosshair VI Extreme for 155$ and - Crosshair VII Hero for 235$ I'm going to skip StoreMI so i really want to know OC potentials of these two mobo are the same ? Should i go for C6HE for 80$ less ? How about the VRM, can C6HE handle and overclocking Zen 2 ? P.s: Sorry for my bad English ;(
  3. Wisee

    NEW PSU Tier List

    Sir, Why is FSP Aurum PT series from the Best (in old Tier list) the same with Antec HCP, Seasonic Prime, Corsair AXi now move to Tier A+ ? It should be in Tier S (ultra high-end) P.s: Sorry for my bad English @LukeSavenije