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  1. I'm stuck using an ancient bit of software that only runs on one thread, so any advice on what is the fastest budget cpu out there? I don't need a high core count with this but I'm looking at several day's of processing time on my laptop and the ability to cut that down to a day will do wonders for my iteration cycle.
  2. You might luck into something decent with ebay/criegs list, but that is very much a YMMV thing and do so with the aid of a parent if it involves any form of in person pickup. But check always to see what it retails for new and in any case you are likely to need more scratch before doing that.
  3. This last episode gave me flashbacks to vacuum and water testing submersible units, Try putting the UUT under vacuum and painting all the seams with a thin glue/paint. often if there is a micro leak that will seal it, and considering the nature of what you are working on, I would be very concerned about a microleak in that unit.