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  1. CreamyCornCob

    Do you see anything abnormal or wrong in this network graph?

    Sounds good@Eniqmatic , TY
  2. CreamyCornCob

    Do you see anything abnormal or wrong in this network graph?

    @Tadrith Thank you. I'm glad its narrowed down to a couple things. And someone mentioned else where to me, to change a setting from default to 10mbps, I did, still 9 down. So its driver or port. Which if its the ethernet port, thats gonna piss me off, I bought the gigabyte mobo new in October. I even checked to see if all the pins in the ethernet port were 'sprung up' in position rather then when stuck down, no dice they were all good. And I know zero about Linux unfortunately. Thanks again!
  3. CreamyCornCob

    Do you see anything abnormal or wrong in this network graph?

    @brwainer This SS is from a few minutes ago, just sitting idles for 60 seconds. Only tab open in chrome is LTT forums.
  4. I've exhausted everything on why I've always pulled 375 down, now for two weeks, 9mb, techs already been here. Reset router many times, reset on Xfinitys side and pc, used 4 different router ports (latest Xfinity router), 3 different cables, still 9mb. This is a desktop. So I plugged in 2 different laptops, ran the same test, 375 down. Used 4 different ports and 3 cables on both laptops just to absolute eliminate, result was 375mb. So all that's eliminated. Its the desktop responsible.... Also ran Malwarebytes in safe mode, nothing. I have the full screenshot of this if you need, there's only LTT forum open in 1 tab in chrome. Do you see anything abnormal in the graphs? Is this showing on and off bandwidth or restraints in intervals? I'm running out of ideas, maybe last thing is uninstalling and re-installing LAN drivers. Thank You.
  5. CreamyCornCob

    TCP Connections - OUT of control, please help.

    Well dang. Thank you much Lurick.
  6. CreamyCornCob

    TCP Connections - OUT of control, please help.

    @Lurick Gotcha on that. So looking at the listening ports and TCP connections with just LTT forum open, you see nothing out of the ordinary in either screenshots?
  7. CreamyCornCob

    TCP Connections - OUT of control, please help.

    @mariushm As of this screenshot, I have one tab open, the Linus forum. In those TCP connections or anything you see, is any of this responsible for speeds going from 375 down to 9? Why are there so many remote address's open with so many different IP addresses? I Only have Linus' forum open.
  8. Long story short (posted the speed problem here)... Months getting 375mb down (ethernet). Out of the blue for the past three weeks, 9mb down. Many times re-setting router, resetting PC, using various router ports, malware bytes current (no issues), 3 ethernet cables etc, still 9mb down. Plugged a laptop into ethernet (same cable) 375mb down. So for sure, its on this desktop side. Today, I looked at task manager and resource monitor, and it looks like a runaway nightmare. The screenshot has chrome open with one tab. Theres all kinds of listening ports, tcp connections etc running or open. I looked what what this "nvcontainer.exe" was and it doesn't bode well. And chrome having all that running with 1 tab open? No browser plug ins etc. Can someone look at this and make any sense of it please and maybe, hopefully, praying this has to do with my crawling downstream speeds. Thank You.
  9. CreamyCornCob

    What Antivirus ?

    Norton is the biggest pile of shit, most intrusive, system penetrating, MASSIVE resource hog piece of software ever made. If you really think Norton is big brother
  10. @Donut417 I see, TY for that explanation on the OS. Going to do that with the chipset, I mean Gigbytes driver is 11 years old heh. TY
  11. @Donut417 So lets assume its the OS, that is all on the LAN driver isn't it? If so, going to create a restore point, uninstall and reinstall the Gigabyte LAN driver.
  12. @Donut417 The cables have to be good , I mean I used the cable from my ethernet to the techs laptop and he was getting 300mb. Plugged it into the desktop, 9mb. Tried two other cables with his laptop, 300. Plugged those in, 9mb. On the drivers, the mobo is a Gigabyte 78lmt-USB3 R2, the latest drivers from Gigabyte for the LAN is from 2008. Scary. The LAST thing I want to do is uninstall and install these and lose access. Going to create a restore point before I do. Gotcha on the laptop, at this point I could give two shits what the laptop's wifi sees.. On the live CD version of Linux, I've never used Linux and kinda pause because of not knowing how or whats going to happen. TY
  13. No Norton only Win Defender, ty though. So is the next logical step to re-install the LAN drivers?
  14. Restarted the PC and router after the change, 3 ethernet cables and all 4 outbound router ports - Still at 9mb.
  15. @mariushm And this adjustment was made a few steps earlier. Going to try a restart after this change. Still at 9mb.