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  1. So this build below is a year old, no problems. No overclocking of the cpu/gpu or changing fan curves. Just sitting on the desktop with no programs open, out of the blue, it spins the fan at a very low RPM for three seconds, then spins down and pauses for three. Then spins up again.... Zero dust, cooler and GPU fans no dust, kitty fur balls. Rebooted still the same. Any ideas? TY much... (yes the cpu fan is spinning ) And anyone building a pc, never by a non modular PSU, as you can see
  2. So I'm looking at a VPN, and as we know there's a ton and a few high quality offers. Beings that PIA is a large sponsor of LTT, I want to support it. I also looked into a bit of the encryption, number of global servers,speeds etc with PIA, I've always known as them being of the few 'high quality'. So in your unbiased opinion, is PIA the best VPN you'd spend your money on? TY
  3. The extension changes how other people view the home page? Maybe I should have said view for others, not just me... ty
  4. When going to my home page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLr6Cu1TZlYQfIgPz1wTNuA?view_as=subscriber Is it possible to have all my u/l'd videos, that are in the videos tab, displayed on the whole homepage? Rather than having to click 'videos' to see the rest? Hope that makes sense TY
  5. CoolerMasters communication is the worst. From no real contact email to having to register to even talk with them..... anyways. So CM emailed me and told me that my ticket # was completed. So now what?? They tell me to do these options below, how the hell is this related to replacing a dead fan? And I never even said the CPU is dead! And theres no way to reply to it. No way to be able to even speak on this ticket. CoolerMasters communications suck. Hello *******, We can replace the fan for you if it is still under the limited warranty. We would not be able to upgrade your product. It shouldn't have been able to fry a processor, as all modern processors thermal throttle at 95C and the failsafe shuts down at 100C. If it didn't shut down, you might want to check the setting in your Bios. Fans are usually the only parts that give out on an air cooler, no matter the maker; the lives of them are variable. I've experienced many fan failures across all manufacturers since i first started as a tech in the early 90s. The T4 is an entry level cooler, but it does a very good job for what it is. The parts team will need you to provide a few things to process this request: Option 1: Onboard Memory Clear - Keep the keyboard plugged into the PC - Press FN+E for about 3 to 5 seconds Option 2: Factory Default - Unplug the keyboard - Press FN + right Alt - Re-plug the keyboard (while keeping FN+Right Alt pressed) Option 3: Reset Profile -Press FN + R for a couple of seconds Option 4: Updating firmware via our software. Regards, CMUSA Support
  6. Started to see this pop up recently. Usually this only happens in 16 bit but W10 is in 32 bit like always and this banding ugliness is present. In options, theres no option to chose 32 or 16bit - but again, windows is in 32. Any idea whats doing it? Would it be a specific Nvidia graphic setting for that title? TY
  7. Roger that, after looking it must be a short/fat tap screw. Now thats out of the way, let me re-read back up. Cheers
  8. My luck, its a couple of months outside the warranty. Kinda why I was asking if that exact fan can be id'd, again it has the smaller holes on the rear of the fan to mount the snap on bracket to the cooler. They're taped into the hole.
  9. @WoodenMarker the fans being used in the vid below, this is from the other thread, the fan stuttering/stalling. Will be ordering with Amazon, budget, hoping $20 or under. @Lord MirdalanTY, but it doesn't have the smaller holes in the back for the screw/bracket to mount in the photo above. They thread tap into the fan and theres zero room on the back to use a different bolt.
  10. So in another thread here, fans belly up. I have searched by the numbers etc and can't ID what exact CoolerMaster fan this is. (HyperT4 RR-T4-18PK-R1) I'd like to replace it with this exact one because its so dang quit. Even under heavy load its hard to hear it in this open air design, rubber dampers on the fan to reduce noise yadda yadda... If not, recommendations for a 120? It has to have those smaller holes in the back for the screws to attach to the bracket. Importance here is quit. 4 pin. TY much
  11. As I said above, the BIOS is very weak for this Gigabyte 78LMT USB3 R2 board so theres no % change for the fan. But there is the CPU smart fan control, which is enabled. Disabled says CPU fan will set at 100%. Disabled, saved and exited. On startup and now - no spin. Time for a new fan Thanks to everyone for the help on this. Cheers.
  12. @WoodenMarker yeah I'll do the mobo fan settings next, ty. And your right the SpeedFans program settings seems wonky or not working at all because I tried turning the GPU fans to 100% and the fans sat idle (no load on it). So today, the fan started working for 5 hours or so. Then just now, it stopped. I flicked it and its working. So so strange. If its doing that, is the fan actually dead? I assumed it either works or it don't, no intermittent... 10 minutes passed, stopped. lol good grief. Mobo time...
  13. @Ciuwas Do you agree with switching headers, ramping fan speed to 100% with no fix, that the fan is toast? I just assumed CoolerMaster has quality stuff (which I know they do) and their fans don't die in 5-6 months. Guess its time to call Amazon / warranty.
  14. OK thanks for the heads up. So with both headers doing it, sounds more like the fan went bad. Ran the fan controller and ramped it to 100%, no change. Manual flick or two, stutters away. RPM shows 17 but its just stuttering....
  15. @CiuwasBut the fan was completely silent this whole time, no coil whine nothing. Gonna try this and set the fan speed to 100% and see what goes. http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php