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    Photography, and working with computers


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    i5 2400
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    Not sure
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    2x 4gb ddr3
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    GTX 750ti
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    Lenovo Think centre
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    1tb sata hdd, 2x 500gb sata hdd, 4tb external WD drive
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    500W Evga
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    Two Televisions
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    MS 4000 Ergonmic keyboard
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    Corsair harpoon
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    Windows 10 pro x64

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  1. Yeah it can get annoying, realling the only sort of "programming" which I wouldn't even consider this programming, would be a little bit of the linux terminal and the Command Prompt, in Windows. As I am 15 and I plan on working as a network systems engineer when I get done with school, and either go to college or study and get my certifications.
  2. So I have been curious about this for the longest time. Why do people think that when you say you are into computers that, the person thinks that you know how to program?? For example, I was in English class, and this was last semester, and I was talking about the book The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick, then my teacher asked, "Do you know how to code?" and I had to say no I don't. Does anyone have a, per say answer to this question?
  3. So I have a question, so if you are a non-knowledge non-tech person, and you don't know anything about cyber security. (and now I am not talking about me) wouldn't it be common sense to not put your personal phone number and personal email address on your instagram account, and what I mean by this people at my high school, and people in the middle school too. Create a company page, and that's fine. But then they put their phone number and email, and I politely direct message them and ask them that is not a good idea, because people could possibly call you at random times, or other people could email phising attacks to the person, and they check their email and see, a email saying a error happened on your pay pal account and to fix this click this link, etc. But that is just an example. I just checked instagram to see if some of the people I messaged actually took this seriously, and one of them took off their contact information. (Email and phone number). But my question is that some of these people don't listen, so how can I spread the word about internet saftey if they won't listen to me?
  4. Hello, I have been typing for a long time now, and I can basically get 65-80 wpm on a standard QWERTY keyboard. But my issue is that I get these moments ever maybe other week, that my typing just sucks, I lose accuracy I lose speed. I'm not sure what is happening. I know sometimes its from anxiety, but the time I was really anxious my keyboarding skills were just garbage. So I'm just wondering what is going on, because I don't want this to happen, and if you know what can I do to help myself?
  5. Yeah that is true. That was another thing that I forgot to say that he could have access to the county's systems. It is nice ot get some clarification on this website thank you man. And yes I do know what hacking is, I just wanted to express that comment that she said on here.
  6. So, well this was a while ago. But I was talking about computers and such in english class, and a girl that I used to like said to me, "Oh well my dad hacks he showed me." And I asked how does he hack out of curiosity, and she said," He hacks into the county computers, and he is a police officer." I was thinking to myself I call BS, but I didn't say that. So I went to my dad and talked to him about it and he said that if he were to have "hacked" into the county computer JUST TO MESS WITH THEM, he said that would be a felony, and just to mess with the person on the computer. Like for real how dumb is this person. Plus you don't show a minor things like that. But it all comes down to this does she know what hacking is???? I want your guys opinions. Thanks.
  7. So I was at school today in study hall and I asked a girl that I like to give me a number because I wanted to write it in binary, and when I said gimme a number between 100 and before I could even say the next word she said, "69!" and I was silent for a second, and she straight up looked me in the eye like a person on oblivion, and said that, I am still thinking to myself why she said that. HELP ME
  8. So I am curious what the best routers for overall gaming, security, and fast speeds. My dad told me to do research about finding a router, he said that he has heard good things about the nighthawk series. So I wonder what your guys opinions are so I can figure this out. Also one that has really good wireless speeds.
  9. So I have had something on my mind for a while now and I wanted to say it to a large group of people. This relates to girls (mainly) but I am sure guys do it to. Is that they like to give their password to someone that they "trust", and say that they have been hacked on their social media account. Ii have seen this happen a decent amount. But I would go on to a social media platform such as Instagram and see these teen girls for example, asking, "Who wants to hack me?". Then you see in the comments that these two individuals are sharing passwords. And that is dangerous to be giving someone your supposedly trust your account credentials. Really they do not even have the slightest idea of what "hacking is". So that just angers me. Has anyone of you guys and or girls had this happen or seen this happen? I just had to say this to a bigger group because when I try to cue the individual for doing that, they blow me off.
  10. I'm wondering what would happen if Linus and his wife Yvonne broke up. What would happen????? I want to hear opinions about this.
  11. I am using a gateway nv59c with a 500gb hdd, intel i3 m370, just intel hd graphics, two sticks of 2gb ddr3 memory, and it is that old that it has a vga and an hdmi port. So yeah, I can play oblivion and fallout new vegas. But for some reason I can downgrade the graphics driver and it will let me play the older counter strikes, and just cause two, but when I upgrade the drivers, the games crash. I don't know why, because those games ran fine on my other laptop that I took apart (completely) and it had newer graphics drivers, so I don't know what the hell is wrong with it. I can do some more testing but when I downgrade the graphics it gets all funky and weird.
  12. Hey I just want to see who else is gaming on a trash computer, and playing older games such as fallout new vegas etc.
  13. Yeah, that would not be considder hacking. They were open to everyone. So yeah. I actually agree to @bananasplit_00 Yes indeed!
  14. Yeah I could see that. Or even I heard some of them are now working for the government. Theres a show on hulu that talks about cyberwar, and some of the big hacktivist groups. That show is called Cyberwar. I cannot remember how many seasons there are, but in a couple of the first eppisodes they talked about how anonymous DDOSed websites such as the scientology websites and sent pizzas to a lot of their churches. The pizza sending thing I found was kind of funny. But it is a interesting show. There was one hacker that spent time in federal prison and he had to leak all his buddies information to the feds, and he did that multiple times, I believe now he is working for the FBI, or some other federal organization. I cannot remember his name.
  15. I'm not sure, I remember all the time hearing of anonymous DDOSing websites, such as the scientology websites. But now I do not hear about them. I do sort of remember that someone saying that those hacktivist groups are dead. But I'm sure that there are still protest and such.