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  1. It might have macOS installed already - on start hold OPTION Otherwise, if you need to install macOS on this mac, the simplest way is to boot it into internet recovery and install the macOS that this mac came with - on start hold COMMAND-R
  2. If you decide on 6S, make sure the battery is good (settings -> battery -> health). It would tell if it is running at pick performance or if it's throttling. For basic stuff all runs smoothly (some effects and services, like Siri, can also be disabled for further possible improvements). Should continue receiving all the bug/critical updates for the foreseen future, but might not receive next big iOS update. Had 6S plus since launch, using it heavily with many apps running and many tabs opened, and constant switching between them - time to time get some stuttering. Changed the battery a few months ago (was at ~80 health) - now it can survive a full day of basic interactions, performance is back to a reasonable level. Games like Dota Underlords is playable with occasional dip in FPS on high settings.
  3. As far as I know, Hackintosh is a constant maintenance.
  4. You CAN install win10 partition on external drive. Google it, there are some workarounds, used it myself. So win10, steam and origin (Apex) were all on an external ssd. Don't remember if I used this guide: https://9to5mac.com/2017/08/31/how-windows-10-mac-boot-camp-external-drive-video/ Nope, unless you really want a Mac, but need to use win10. Depending on your usage, but in my experience for non-intensive gaming purposes parallels might works for you (However, latest parallels 15 works very slow on my MBP15 2017, googling revealed some similar experiences). Bootcamp is a better choice performancewise. What kind of developer? Maybe check out Mac mini and connect it to your current system - this would be the easiest transition I think. Youtube your games performances - there are many videos with FPS counters.
  5. I've been trying to follow this for years (~10) with a beefy MBP, overpaying each time. Mac for programming/leisure, bootcamp for gaming and occasional win-only soft. My experience for graphically intensive games is mostly playing on low-mid specs to go 80+ FPS (Overwatch, PUBG), and I don't care about every latest AAA game as much as I did years ago. Bootcampwise: while W7-8.1 were more or less stable, W10 is guaranteed to crush every now and then, or go blue screen - reinstalling twice a year is a given. Tried eGPU with 1060 and 580 last year on Mojave - didn't have a good experience. Gonna stop stubbornly overpaying to get 'top tier graphics' macs just to game. Planning to put together a miniATX probably with a 1660, connect it to my mac's setup (monitor, accessories) and hide it:) My suggestion - go with two separate systems:) or wait till eGPU+bootcamp will be a foolproof option.
  6. It might be a good idea to disable automatic updates, and enable critical updates only. Cause random updates have a tendency of bricking windows and restarting into recovery... at least on macbooks...
  7. True, it won't be stellar, but it can be decent or even good. I had used older versions to play not graphically demanding games and everything worked fine and snappy. It vm'ed xp, 7, 8.1 and 10 good enough. Just youtube parallels reviews to check the performance on such tasks, even gaming. One dude was playing Arkham City and some version of Assassins Creed on vm there...
  8. Have been running windows in bootcamp for years (on 3 different gens of MBPs), mainly for gaming, sometimes for visual studio. Speaking about mac-specific experience: expect it to run hot, and forget about good battery life. Even light browsing/coding wont give you the battery life you'll get in macOS. Unless you put it in the most battery-saving mode you can configure, then... then the performance plummets to barely usable (in my case with visual studio). Balanced battery mode would give me no more than ~3h with visual studio, while lasting ~5h of similar work in macOS. Recently tried trial of Parallels 14 with win10, performance was very weak, while troubleshooting, found out that the current version of parallels has plenty of bad feedback for this issue.
  9. I have to ask why - I need to know whats the deal with that
  10. Hey, If Im not mistaken then your iMac might be able to do internet recovery: when turning on hold down cmnd + option + r It should install whatever os it was shipped with... but it would probably be very old... and then updating... Otherwise, a better solution is to download and make a bootable installer usb on another pc: 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IMac_(Intel-based)#Unibody_iMac <- find your model, and check the latest compatible OS 2. google how to make a bootable usb with it Installation itself should be very straight forward, (did the same with 2 2009 MBPs) Then do the bootcamp/windows install. However, if I remember correctly, you would have to do some EXTRA work to make win10 work with older macs...
  11. Hey, I'm using mbp15 '17 with 4k monitor (but through a display port) - no issue. I doubt that this is a bandwidth issue, since Im using a thunderbolt3 Startech dongle (two dp, one usb3.*, one ethernet), and at some point it had 2 external drives, two monitors (4k, 1080p), usb3 hub, mouse, keyboard, and random stuff (thumb drives, gamepad) connected to it and used at the same time. Tried with lid both open and closed, with both macOS and windows10 (bootcamp). Even on windows10, apex and overwatch, games on external drives - no noticeable input lag or terrible glitches (during gaming). Try using dongle and different connector, or different monitor, or reset macOs...
  12. Hello everyone, So my building has Novus, and because of that I got a good deal from Shaw: $50 for 300Mbps. One problem, it's not 100% reliable, sometimes it drops connections and router keeps resetting (asked for the new one again, in case it would solve it). Seems like Shaw does the restarting/reseting part from their side... Anyway, it's summer sale and Novus has the $35 for 100Mbps 1y promo. Want to know how reliable they are, and what's your experience?