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  1. Hi, 1 year and 5 months ago, my pc (2 months after i built it) after a cold boot did 5 beeps (i know in amy bios that's cpu-related) and black screen: i did a reset by button and it started working. Until today, my Pc has always worked very fine, no bsod or serious errors. I thought that 5 beeps problem could be referred to my old PSU (thermaltake berlin white label 80+ SIRTEC), so i replaced it with Seasonic focus+ gold 650 last january and my pc kept on working fine. Today it happend again: 5 short beeps but this time in a different way, i didn't see POST AORUS logo but after few seconds pc loaded OS win10 without the need to reset pc by button. I took a look in event viewer finding no errors. I also ran a prime95 blend test, just to check stability, getting 0 errors and 0 warnings after about 17 minutes, i also ran other benchmarks: CPU temp below 75 and GPU below 60. The only change i've recently done is switching PSU button from normal to hybrid-mode (seasonic feature that lets psu fan spin only going over a certain load). Anyway after the 5 beeps event, i switched to "Seasonic normal mode" again, loaded Bios default settings (even if the only thing i changed with respect to default, was disabling iGpu output days ago). I did several resets, shut down and turn on today and the issue about 5 beeps hasn't come up again. My specs: -H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (latest BIOS F13) -Intel core i5 8600k (i know it's not appropriate for H chipset but when i bought its price was a deal) -32GB (4x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-19200 -Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (dual NF-F12 fans) -GPU EVGA GTX 1650 SC Ultra Gaming (drivers updated) -SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB -HD Western Digital Blue 2TB -HD Western Digital Red 3TB -M2 SSD XPG SX2800 pro 512GB -PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650 -case: cooler master N300 -fans: NF-A14 front intake, 2xNF-S12A noctua back and top exhaust -Win 10 pro 1909 So what do you think? I know mobo beeps are always an allarming signal (serious hardware problem), but this issue has happend so seldom that i don't know what to think. Do you think could it be related to hybrid Seasonic PSU mode, BIOS lazy reaction, any power supply braking or anything like that? Sorry for my long post but i'm concerned, Thank you very much
  2. I can install windows 10 1903, it works both running 1050ti using self-installing windows driver and for intel iGPU. Screen turns black JUST in 1903 build using 1050TI GPU, everytime i try to install any driver by nVidia.
  3. Hi guys, i'll try to be as short as possible but i really need your expert advice. Yesterday i got my new m2 ssd so i took GPU (zotac 1050ti mini) apart to place drive and i noticed a strange dark mark in the bottom-side PCB: a dark spot in the top right corner, just near the DVI (never used it, only HDMI) solderings https://ibb.co/4VYYdHQ Also noticed that the inward side (facing toward the mobo) of the bracket was brown https://ibb.co/9nVqWLX , furthermore a back pin of the PCIE connection was dark too, like burnt or oxidated https://ibb.co/WFF1rLj Anyway no burnt-smell i perceived, sniffing on them. I cleaned the marks with 97% isopropyl and now all the the stain in the corner has vanishedhttps://ibb.co/sw4Px78 but this hasn't worked for the "black" (looks like a little scratch) pin of PCIE Some details: I built my pc in '18 july, it works fine, never spilled anything inside it, no smell have ever come out from my case. All my temps are good and my case is well ventilated: the only games i play are point&click adventures so my GPU temp has never got over 50 °C. I took a look into the motherboard near the PCIe and i couldn't find any similar marks. I also can't wonder when these dark stains were born; this one year old picture http:// https://ibb.co/P5W6L13 seems showing the same spot in the corner and maybe i didn't noticed it 'til now. For about 5 months my PC has been fed by my 5 years old Thermaltake Berlin (80 plus white label Sirtec OEM and not the current CWT you could find now). My SPECS are: -H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (latest BIOS F13) -Intel core i5 8600 -32GB (4x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-19200 -Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (dual NF-F12 fans) -GPU GTX 1050 Ti Zotac ZT-P10510A-10L (drivers updated) -SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB -HD Western Digital Blue 2TB -HD Western Digital Red 3TB -M2 SSD XPG SX2800 pro 512GB -PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650 -case: cooler master N300 -fans: NF-A14 front intake, 2xNF-S12A noctua back and top exhaust -Win 10 pro 1809 Now a real problem that i can't figure out if it's related to CPU, GPU or motherboard: my PC has always worked fine (no BSOD, freeze neither black screen) with win10 1809 (or previous) build. Everytime i try to install 1903 my screen turns black installing the nvidia drivers (tried lot of versions that run very well in 1809 build). Nevertheless after "no signal" event on my LCD tv the system keeps on working for several minutes: you can hear the sounds of some open application. I have to force reset by button but when OS loads, the screen turns black again after few seconds i get into win10 desktop. Here's a video about the whole event: https://youtu.be/0p8f54flKxk (sorry, my windows is in italian language). I tried lot of driver versions, did all the available windows updates, clean installations of win10 waiting and hoping next build updates could solve the problem but nothing worked. The only thing i can do is to leave the self-installing drivers by windows (dated 2017). So what do you think: - Could the spot on the corner really be some burnt or maybe flux or manufacturing residuals? If you think could be a burnt, it looks very strange i've got no physical sign or pc issue. - Could the pin with this sort of dark scratch (you can see it only looking from a certain visual angle) be a problem for my PC? Expecially i'm worried about motherboard and PCIe slot. - Is it possible that issues above are related with black screen error with 1903 build? Thank you very much for your time
  4. Hi guys, at the moment I'm running windows 10 on sata SSD crucial MX500 250ĢB and it works fine. Exploiting a drop of price I've just bought M.2 XPG SX8200 PRO 500GB; by the reviews it seems to show a good perf/$ Now my questions: - My mobo is AORUS H370 gaming 3 wifi and my cooler is Noctua NH-U12S with an additional noctua 120 pull fan. The M.2 slot is between CPU socket and GPU (zotac 1050ti mini), rather close to the cooler. I wouldn't like to take cooler apart just to place M.2 beacuse my temps are fine. Do you think i could be able to place M2 without removing cooler? It's my first M.2 drive. In many M.2 guides you find on youtube they place M2 before the cooler. -The M.2 comes with a sticker-heatsink but my motherboard has already its heatsink (you can see it in the pic). Which heatsink should I use? The Aorus heatsink has a blue sticker that i think I should remove and it is 110 (xpg is 80) but I can fasten it on M.2 ssd with screw while xpg heatsink is just glued. I understood xpg doesn't run so hot anyway. Thank you very much, uploaded 2 pics about the question
  5. Hi guys, I need your opinion about my airflow situation. I built my system in "Cooler Master N300" case and now i'm running NF-A14 front intake, two NF-S12A as back and top exhaust. Even if intake is 14 i think because of 2 exhaust fans i'm in negative pressure condition. My case can host 2x12 top fans so i placed mine closer to the front because N300 is a litlle uncomfortable in the top side and i tidied up my fans and PSU 12V cables the best i could: now i'm little worried my components don't get the intake-air they would need. I read several opinions about pos-neg pressure and discordant viewpoints. My system works very fine, my cable management is decent; i clean the dust every 4-5 months, usually the front panel filters and a little blow with CompuCleaner beacuse my pc-components are commonly clean. My temps are fine too: at 22°C ambient temp my CPU stays 25°C idle, <50°C in usual load, <65°C in small FFT prime95 (avx disabled), <75°C in small FFT with all avx enabled (CPU 8600k at stock andcooler NH-U12S with additional fan). In the front i could mount two 12 fans instead of my NF-A14 and i was wondering if buying two more 12 fans (maybe again NF-S12A) is worth. Do you think i could get some improvement removing the A14 and mountin 2xS12 as intake or should i leave my PC as it is? Furthermore i wouldn't know what to do with the A14 left over because that's the only position where i can place it and my other PC can mount only 12-size fans. Thank you very much
  6. I did a clean install of win10 and now i want to see if the issue will persist, I also updated BIOS. Anyway, when that happened, there were more than 100GB available in my OS' SSD drive.
  7. Hi guys sorry for the long story: 5 days ago, after usual pc session running a soft game on steam, browsing google, read some pdf (my pc was on for about 3/4 hours) i tried shutdown and it didn't happen: case leds were still on and fans kept on running. So i switched power button one time and pc turned off. I restarted it again and checking event viewer and i didn't find any critical event besides a volmgr error reporting "can't create dmp file" (and i don't know how to fix this thing). Usually when i force my system turning off by button, event viewer reports "kernel power error" but this time last event said "system properly shutdown at time.. ". I've Tried to let my pc running for several hours after this, switching it off many times and it didn't happen again...until today (6 days after): same thing, took some minutes to see if it could shutdown but nothing. Again i checked event viewer and again i've just found same volmgr error and "regular shutdown". Before forcing shutdown (a strange thing) my tv didn't give "no signal message", as if the GPU still was working. It's very wired, my system is 15 months old. The only event probably related with this during whole time: -one Bsod caused by faulty driver intel AC9560 wifi/BT module 3 months ago -another "won't shutdown" event 3 months ago still caused by AC9560: rolling back drivers no more similar issues until now -Updating to win10 1903 i got black screen using my Gpu so i had to roll back to 1809 that i'm running now -Swapped thermaltake Berlin psu with my actual Seasonic focus+ gold 650 in January (voltages now are perfect) -Didn't handle my build for 3 months when i seated my last case fan. -most of my event errors are about AC9560 device but no crash,freezes... My fast startup is disabled either windows and BIOS, all my OS system power performances are set to max in advanced win menu. Now i will try to update BIOS, win10 from 1809 to 1903, latest drivers of GPU and AC9560 but I'm really worried beacuse i'm afraid of some HW issue (but this thing is as sudden as weird). I hope that driver-windows' strange update issues but i'm not sure anymore: probably some PSU, GPU, MB defect. Here my whole build: -H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (BIOS F11) -Intel core i5 8600k -PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650 -32GB (4x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-19200 -Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (dual NF-F12 fans) -GPU GTX 1050 Ti Zotac ZT-P10510A-10L -SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB (latest firmware) -HD Western Digital Blue 2TB -HD Western Digital Red 3TB -case: cooler master N300 -fans: NF-A14 front intake, 2xNF-S12A noctua back and top exhaust -Win 10 pro 1809 What do you guys think? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much
  8. Hi guys, yesterday i was running my PC as everyday. Played a soft game for about 1 hour, then lot of browsing (youtube, amazon, read some pdf). Everytime i leave hwinfo64 in background and check its report before turn off and yesterday, as always, all my temps were very fine: 30°C average for CPU and GPU, max no more than 60°C, no whea errors; also event viewer reports no issues. So, after about 4-5 hours it was running, i shut down my PC. Usually i heard a little "clack" sound of my PSU Seasonic (my PC is very silent, all fans are noctua) but this time it's not happened: my PC was still running, my screen was black but there wasn't the usual "no signal message" and my case led was still on. I thought i had clicked on "sleep" instead of "shut down" (i'm sure i clicked on shut down). Tried to move mouse and use keyboards to see if my PC recovers but nothing happened, so i pushed power button of the case and the PC shut down (i think have passed less than 2 minutes since i tried shut down from windows). Immediately i turned pc on again and checked event viewer; no critical error, i found just a "volmgr" event that said OS wasn't able to create a crash report (it was a paging issue win 10 setting about my SSD and it had already happened months ago when i got a BSOD for a faulty driver but now i fixed it); the weird thing is that that all the event during shut down process were normal, last "event log" said system shutdown correctly at time.... My fast boot is disabled both in BIOS and in windows. Yesterday i didn't any drivers or OS update, neither installing apps (just a little plug in in chrome), i ran my system as always: every window (chrome, hwinfo, foxit, etc.) was closed when i tried tu turn my pc off. I tried to shut my PC down and restart it several times today; i let it run 10 hours and today shut it down and it worked fine. I don't know what to think. My PSU is about 8-9 months old, never got strange errors until yesterday. The only device that sometimes gave me issue is intel AC9560 wifi adapter, but no event about it yesterday near the shutdown. I'm little worried about some hardware problem. My SPECS are: -H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (BIOS F11) -Intel core i5 8600k -32GB (4x8GB) Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-19200 -Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (dual NF-F12 fans) -GPU GTX 1050 Ti Zotac ZT-P10510A-10L (drivers updated) -SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB (latest firmware) -HD Western Digital Blue 2TB -HD Western Digital Red 3TB -PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650 -case: cooler master N300 -fans: NF-A14 front intake, 2xNF-S12A noctua back and top exhaust -Win 10 pro 1809 Thank you very much for your time
  9. Because when i bought it (june 2018), i found it new cheaper than 8400 (a flash deal); 8600 wasn't still available. So why not? I'm not interested on OC of course, but 8600k runs anyway faster than 8400, even at stock freq.
  10. Hi, Sometimes, reading HWinfo64, the speed of one of my CPU core drops below 1 GHz. My mobo is AORUS H370 Gaming 3 Wifi BIOS F11, CPU i5 8600k, PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650, GPU 1050ti. In windows 10 "minimum CPU performance is set to 100%" so i don't think that's related to OS. I've just updated HWinfo to 6.10 few days go, and this event happened two times since the update (in those sessions just soft gaming and browsing PC use, no heavy loads). I don't remember if could've been already happened running HWinfo previous versions, maybe i didn't noticed. My system works fine, no event errors and my temps are good. My BIOS is in default settings. Do you think could be a HWinfo software inaccuracy or could it be something to worry about. Anyway VRM temps don't seem so bad. Here's a pic, thank you very much
  11. Thank you, it sounds comforting Anyway here's a video about what happens https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wig7PReIPn8DqqIr3_v2ttvc1Uw1zmks/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hi,i built my system is 1 year old and it works fine but i'd like to know if is normal that all my fans stop after POST. After power on, if I get into the BIOS all the fans run as they should, but after POST before loading OS, all the funs stop working for about 1 seconds and then restart and never stop again (until next boot of course).I would like to know if it's a normal behaviour or something to be worried.To be honest, it has always been so, since first boot 1 year ago. My system runs fine, but looking around the web i can't find similar cases about.My SPECS are:-H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (BIOS F11)-Intel core i5 8600k-Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (dual NF-F12 fans)-GPU GTX 1050 Ti Zotac ZT-P10510A-10L (drivers updated)-SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB-HD Western Digital Blue 2TB-HD Western Digital Red 3TB-PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650-case: cooler master N300-fans: NF-A14 front intake, 2xNF-S12A noctua back and top exhaust-Win 10 pro 1809Thank you very much
  13. Hi guys, i got my first BSOD in my 1 year old build. My SPECS are: -H370 Aorus Gaming 3 wifi (BIOS F11) -Intel core i5 8600k -Cooler Noctua NH-U12S (2 NF-F12 fans) -GPU GTX 1050 Ti Zotac ZT-P10510A-10L (drivers updated) -SSD Crucial MX500 250 GB -HD Western Digital Blue 2TB -HD Western Digital Red 3TB -PSU Seasonic focus+ gold 650 -case: cooler master N300 -fans: 140 noctua front intake, 120 noctua back exhaust and 120 cooler master top exhaust -Win 10 pro 1809 My temps are fine: 35°-40°C idle and 60°C load, and it's a hot summer. No relevant problems apart GPU driver related to windows 10 that caused blacks screen with 1903 win 10 build. My mobo is equipped with Intel AC9560 wi-fi/bluetooth adapter: it works pretty fine even if most of warning and error (non critical) in event viewer are related to it. Today i was trying to pair my phone (Samsung J3 2017) with my PC: it's been my first attempt after my clean WIN10 1809 install and android OREO update (in the previous phone-PC setting pairing gave me any issue): windows found my device and showed connected but my phone wasn't paired (as i could see from the phone), no way to communicate between phone and PC. So i tried to reboot my phone and no success; tried to disconnect phone from PC settings and Windows settings panel freezed (but the PC worked) so i tried to reboot PC and after rebooting logo the system didn't restart and i had to force it by reset button. The system restarted and i found no error in event viewer i tried again to pair PC and phone: the same thing (win said connected but not the phone) but this time after few minutes i get BSOD "driver power state error" and stuck at 0% for several minutes. I had to force restart by reset button again: unfortunately windows didn't save dmp file so i can't debug BSOD. Since my driver were taken from intel site ( 20.110 for wifi and 21.10.1 latest for BT) and not from gigabyte manufacturer, i rolled back to latest available gigabyte driver for BT (20.100 from motherboard site) but didn't try to pair again my device: i don't really need it. My question: BSOD (in my case the first) it's always a bad experience and you immediately think of some hardware problem.. So i'm little scared: do you think my BSOD could be related just to Bluetooth driver problem? Unfortunately i didn't get dmp file and looking around i didn't find any issue in similar build setting. Anyway after this event my PC is still working fine and no further error or issue. Here the pic about BSOD (sorry for the language: i'm from Italy as you can understand from my bad english ) Thank you very much
  14. Hi guys, i'd like to know if it could be a bad idea using two differents fans in the same connector. I'm running one noctua nf s12a pwm on the rear paired with a cooler master SickleFlow 120mm on the top, connected by Y noctua splitter. Both fans are exhaust. My mobo is Aorus H370 gaming 3 wifi, my BIOS F11 in default setting (no change in MIT or fan settings). My pc was built 1 year ago and it works fine. Could it be harmful for my PC, on the long term, keep on working in this condition, namely with 2 differents fans in the same channel? Anyway i think i'll buy another nf s12a soon, trying top intake configuration to get less noise and positive airflow (although there's no dust problem in my case). Thank you very much
  15. I can't find a zotac forums support and the driver in their manufacter site are the same (same name, same dimension) you can find on nvidia server.