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  1. Steven123123

    AMD or INTEL

    I went to a retailer here in NZ and put in $448 after currency conversion. What comes out on top is i5 7600K unlocked, and Ryzen 7 2700. The intel costs more and does not come with a heat sink. I havnt even bothered to look at the performance. I find that CPUs are priced appropriately by performance. CPU is not the only thing you want to look at. You need to look at the combined cost of everything you need.
  2. Steven123123

    Flash drive linux pc?

    Microsoft's SQL server?
  3. Steven123123

    Practical RAMDISK pc

    is this the same performance as what live linux cds do when they boot to ram?
  4. Steven123123

    Anyone here in the Skilled Trades?

    yea i know but here in nz there is a lot of competition for the entry level jobs. We only have a few industrial places. I dont know where they advertise the entry level jobs but i have seen them advertise for experienced electricians for the gas industry in Taranaki
  5. Steven123123

    more peltiers

    I think you'd be better off evaporating water than using refrigeration.
  6. Ubuntu 19.04 was just released but you can't upgrade the normal way.

    Use this to upgrade today:

    sudo do-release-upgrade -d

    I cant be bothered posting this in the news section coz they have rules I can't comply with.

  7. Steven123123

    Anyone here in the Skilled Trades?

    Mario runs on AA batteries.
  8. Steven123123

    Anyone here in the Skilled Trades?

    open plan offices are sweat shops. I have seen some really hot and disgusting ones. Also they never put in a big enough fresh air fan. When i worked in air conditioning I visited almost every building in town. The lack of fresh air is something i cant stand. I have walked into offices and been blown away by how hot and stuffy the air is. Also in these places the workers often look like zombies. Not healthy at all.
  9. Steven123123

    Anyone here in the Skilled Trades?

    Some trades are doing great, some wages have not improved in the last decade or two. I went into appliance repair when i left school but i moved on after the recession. I dont see any reason to go back. There are "approved" companies that have locked down the industry and lots of whiteware products are not made to be serviced. Planned obsolescence sucks.
  10. Steven123123

    Need help choosing 144hz Monitor!

    i just bought the samsung G70 as it was the cheapest 144Hz monitor available to me atm. Iv had it just over a week now. No complaints so far. The stand it comes with takes up too much space. The stand is actually quite awful, but that is nothing really.
  11. Steven123123

    Dual Boot vs VM

    i used to dual boot, then i just stopped using windows after steam came to linux
  12. lol a miner that did not use the card for mining.
  13. Steven123123

    Another Petabyte

    do they really need to store every raw video they have ever filmed? At Weta studios they employ a team of people to manage their archives of digital artwork. LTT isn't making lord of the rings!
  14. pick one service. Show us the log for it when it stalls. im pretty sure ubuntu 18 by default uses a swap file. It's complaining it cant find sdb7. You should look into that. Also you can turn swap off with "sudo swapoff -a", if you have enough ram to run without swap.
  15. Steven123123

    raspberry pi laptop

    I hope this is the right section. What is the cheapest kit, or instructable, that can turn a rapsberry pi zero into a laptop? I dont have a 3d printer. I do have a jig saw and hand tools. Im really disappointed at the price of the up coming nexdock. I can buy a laptop for that price.