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  1. Crave

    Fan Hub for Tiny Case

    I understand. Well, a fan of socks and sandals once said, when you go for performance and tiny/portable case, you sacrifice the noise, so i was already prepared for that, and that's why i'm going full Noctua, to at least, remove some portion of it. Thanks for provided help and sorry for taking so long to understand how fans work. By the way, at the time i finished building my first PC, i got ASRock AB350 Fatal1ty, because it was the only decent choice at the time, and even though they have sh!ty VRM and MOSFET heatsinks (also they lied about the quantity of VRMs), they actually put 3 fan headers on their board.
  2. Crave

    Fan Hub for Tiny Case

    @TVwazhereI've made an illustration of the thing i was talking about before. I think that there won't be any problem with it as long as it doesn't exceed Watt of the controller and fan header, but i'm not sure, as i didn't check everything yet. Unfortunately, the CPU cooler, which i can use inside my case is nh-u9s (125mm maximum height) and you can put only 92mm fans on it. 120mm fan sends cold air that comes from edges of the case, so it's sort of crucial to have. 80mm fan is for taking out the hot air from the back of the case. According to BitFenix, you can install only one 80mm fan either on top or bottom, but i found out that you easily instal two fans without any modding, you just don't have to screw the upper and lower corners of fans, but i think that you can somehow secure them with anti vibration mounts
  3. Crave

    Fan Hub for Tiny Case

    Thanks for reply. I see. Just to be sure, so i understood everything right, i can control only sets of fans (dual, triple and etc.). As an example, i'm using MSI B450i ITX board, it only has two fan headers (apparently 2 RGB headers are way more important than a third fan header), and i want to control two 80mm fans, two 92mm CPU fans and one 120mm fan separately. To do that, i need to plug something like Noctua na-fc1 controller with three splitter cable, plug on each pin three Y splitter cables, and plug each set of fans on each set of Y splitter cable. Is everything correct or i didn't get it?
  4. Crave

    Fan Hub for Tiny Case

    Hello everyone, I'm using BitFenix Portal case and i'm looking for a high/good quality fan hub to power 6 fans (maybe 8 if i'd try to getto cool RX 580 with Noctua fans). I've looked around and found lots of different fan hubs, but most of them only give you an option of setting speed on one PWM fan, while others work on the same speed. Is there any portable fan hub, which lets set different fan profiles in BIOS?
  5. Crave

    Aluminum ITX cases?

    BitFenix Prodigy is supposed to be aluminum, but, as i already own BitFenix Portal, which is according to them is also aluminum, i can't say if it's true. Edit: Nevermind, they changed the description to steel and plastic
  6. Crave

    Using Wireless Keyboard in BIOS

    I've done some digging and i found that apparently Apple implemented the support for using Bluetooth keyboards in BIOS through D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth adapter. To use HID proxy mode and use your Bluetooth devices in BIOS, you need to flash an adapter, but the problem is that this same adapter works only with iOS. For anyone's interested, here's an information file of Laird's dongle, which has instructions to install and switch modes between HID and HIC: https://connectivity-staging.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/2018-10/Application%20Note%20-%20BT800%20Series%20HID%20Proxy.pdf
  7. Crave

    Using Wireless Keyboard in BIOS

    Unfortunately, its wire is only for charging the keyboard. I've tried to find some way to make it register through USB, but i guess, the keyboard lacks something on its PCB, so there's no other way of using it, except Bluetooth. I've contacted Laird about their claim and still waiting for their answer.
  8. Hello everyone, i'm new here, so if i created a wrong topic in a wrong section, please tell me. I like to use all PC peripherals without cables, be it controller or mouse+keyboard. The keyboard, which i use every day is Varmilo VB87M and while it feels nice to use it in system, it's a bit annoying when you can't use it in BIOS, so i'm interested in making it work in that part of a computer too. I've done some research here and there, and found that you need a Bluetooth adapter/dongle, which supports HID proxy mode. I've also found that Laird company produces 5.0 and 4.0 Bluetooth adapters and assures you that they both support HID and HIC modes. Now, i have some experience about Bluetooth adapters, but this is the first time i hear about these modes, so if anybody has any experience with Bluetooth adapters and how they work, i'd appreciate any kind of help in this task.