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  1. thx for the help ill try it and see if that works
  2. is this ok did i set anything wrong inside afterburner this is my first pc sorry
  3. I think it is freezing it gives me flashing lights on the motherboard and CPU cooler then reboots could this be that I've left the computer on to long
  4. Sorry, what is BSOD unfamiliar with that term?
  5. I've got an 8700k h150i cooler from corsair 16gb vengeance RGB ram 2080 RTX from Asus OC edition z370-e motherboard 970 Evo for storage and 850w gold rated power supply form Evga (edit) also I got and 240hz monitor from Asus and 144hz monitor from BenQ
  6. my pc for the past to days has randomly turned off out of nowhere first i thought it might have been to do with a storm cause i now lighting can causes surges but i got a really good surge protector so i don't think it damaged my pc the second time was in the middle of the day out of the blue idn what's happening a would like to now if i got to change something or my pc is dead could this be that u l left my pc on too long pulling to much power from the wall graphics card issue/ CPU seem to be fine pls help :)
  7. so I've been getting weird issues in destiny 2 in particular with my pc and wondering if this could be an issue with something power draw frame pacing artifacts bad mobo VRAM etc get random spikes a drops in frames as well from 165 cap to 80 and seems like pc struggles to keep up in big fight and stutters this should be an issue I think in that my pc is less than a year old and cost me 2500 dollars RTX 2080 8700k h150i liquid cooler etc any suggestions? on what might be going on? https://imgur.com/rdqiecT
  8. thanks for the help found out the problem nivida was upscaling my resolution for some reason had no idea why to 4k thanks again on the whole graphics card igpu thing it would of taken me a week to figure it out means a lot :)

    1. will4623


      welcome! Glad I could help!

  9. thanks will try that if all else fails re download my os i guess
  10. right now im using the video port for the graphics card not hdmi
  11. i dont think so i know the 8700k has integrated graphics built into it but seems like its using and showing up as the rtx 2080 primary graphics in bios nvidia control panel etc
  12. i might try doing that i kinda all out of chooses
  13. 8700k rtx 2080 16 gb vengeance pro rgb memory z370-e asus motherboard 2019-05-05 21-39-33.mp4
  14. i seem to have a windows issue with my computer it crashes every time i try to open a game like destiny 2 or apex legends and advice it tabs out weirdly then crashes
  15. i have a pretty big problem with windows it seems to be happening with third party apps primarily first network connectivity issues when every thing is fine on the network side then booting out of the tab randomly and chrome twitch discord etc seem to be fine is this malware i have malware bytes installed or somthing else it seems like its only happening with games and games clients thx for the help :) the crashes look kinda like this this is a replace
  16. but i thought you had to be partnered to have that on your stream as of twitch which im streaming on
  17. so i think i should re scale my output sources from the default 1920x1080 to something like 900p or 1600x900 because it would make for a more enjoyable experience for people stopping into my stream as i dont have any viewers and the majority of viewers i think stopping by would have a potatoe pc no offence should i use the rescale output option found int the output tab as well as output scaled resolution on the video tab set to 1600x900 or just match that to the default 1920x1080
  18. So this issue i cant find to be any on the internet but i seem to have an issue with my mouse pointer on the right hand side of the screen going slightly off by an tiny bit and the left not at all and the bottom right thing to open and close the windows seem small is this normal my old computer was an old laptop with a lot of bugs could it have cared over through the creation media tool
  19. oh ok thank you very much much appreciated
  20. i recently picked up the asus pq258q and found this on the back io ports never had a monitor that has this before can anyone tell me what it does
  21. so i decided to overclock my new pc and am planing to overclock my 8700k to 4.8 ghz because i read around online you can get away with that if have a decent cooler in my case an h150i pro form corsair so what cpu core voltage should i set it too guessing not stock 1v 1.3, 1.28 1.31 ??? and should i dial up the clock ratio slowly or just go strait to 4.8 ghz sorry for all the question fairly new to pc building