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  1. Thank you for linking that informative video...so really with that being said it boils down to whether or not i want to deal with SLI headaches or not. I think I'll just stick with the single GPU for now and if I need to I can add to it. I just can't see spending this astronomical amount of money on some of these freakish builds for something I won't really notice that much. For me, having been gaming for so long, I can definitely see microstutters and screen tear, and then the obvious issue that you can run into with using a bad panel in your display of ghosting...those are the main things I want to avoid. Kind of new to the forums here and not sure if there are recommended builds listed? Someone had mentioned pc part picker to me before but when I looked, the search results were really misleading (i.e. showing they were for certain cards, but not including all of the parts used in the build with total price, etc).
  2. @Majinhoju resolution wise i've been pretty much 1080 for now since I've been travelling. Now that I have more time at home, I'm in the market for monitor upgrades. 4k gaming is great if the system can support it, but 1440p would be preferable. Other thing I should probably note is multiboxing...I do play some games where I tend to do that a lot, and I've noticed with just a single card (definitely not this laptop lol) I've had quite a few issues with frame stutter when I'm alternating between views. Which I'm sure is probably more of an issue with what I'm using to multibox and probably CPU.
  3. @xFluing Your point on the physx dedicated card showing no impact...what do you mean? I would think that if you have a decent card that is offloading the work for engines like Havok, that it would be beneficial and free up your main GPU to handle the rest? I've typically been an Intel/Nvidia consumer so wasn't even aware of the Navi, but am definitely open to suggestions. Not really looking to do 8k gaming at 60hz, no need for that. I just want to make sure I'm buying the right gpu/cpu that will support driving multiple displays (maybe sometimes in eyefinity/surround view or whatever it's called now), and be able to run at higher resolutions with consistent frames. As for waiting, my problem is the gaming laptop I have right now is starting to show it's wear and tear. The ssd I'm using is starting to have issues with completely disappearing from the system while I'm using it (thinking either it's failing or something happened to the connection) and I'm honestly not really looking to open the thing up and replace nvme on it. Have also been running into issues with it randomly forcing itself to use the integrated intel gpu instead of the discrete 1070, which is annoying as all hell. Not much of a fan of MSI laptops anymore
  4. For the last several years I've been gaming primarily on console. Two months ago I realized how much I missed pc gaming and switched back. Unfortunately I have been using an MSI gaming laptop (I travel for work quite a bit), and would prefer having a desktop rig to play on when I'm home. I'm torn however, I can spend a decent chunk of change, but it's been so long since I've done a build, I'm overwhelmed by the options and whether or not to go SLI again or go big single. I have been contemplating going with 2 RTX 2080ti's and SLI when it's supported, and when it's not just use it for physx or sit dormant (save power). Or just bite it and buy a Titan RTX. I typically use three screens with work/gaming, and ultimately would like to have consistent fps when I'm playing at higher resolutions. Currently running 144mhz monitor which I love, but would also like to consider g-sync in a larger screen. Bottom line: Would it be better to just buy the Titan RTX and move on, or do the RTX 2080ti's? All in all I'm trying to keep my build under 7k, but I have wiggle room.