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  1. i have entered into the bio in the past and I know its one of those keys, and I haven’t tried any external devices yet
  2. I had taken the ssd out of the laptop a few days ago (this has the os) did this for shipping. anyway i ended up not needing to ship it and when i put back in the ssd the laptop will not get past the “ASUS insearch has of incredible” screen, i cant seem to get into bios or anything tried all the function keys and esc and delete, nothing just stays on the same screen
  3. ok then i should be fine, just need to take out the ssd and back up my stuff, oh and get a copy of windows on the old hhd cos i think they dont except returns without an os
  4. you think it will still be accepted as ive replaced the thermal paste?
  5. link to the laptop full spec list https://www.asus.com/uk/Laptops/ZX553VD-DM969T/specifications/ i havent tired a fresh windows yet btw, but it has been doing this from day one
  6. ok so this might be a tad confusing. so since i got this laptop (2018 sometime) games have crashed a lot when alt-tabbed, or when loading large maps in beamNG.drive and i will always get a generic gpu error. i have the lattes drivers and i have tried ddu looked online for more info but nothing really useful came up. today as suggested in a server was to try the Intel integrated graphics and do the same things that would crash the games in the past, i did some stuff that would normally crash the games and after about an hour of trying to crash the game it was fine, then i moved to map in beamNG which every time i even try to load it will crash the game, it loaded fine, so i went back to the gtx 1050 and tried the same things and bam the game crashed instantly and consistently. (i asked about and my laptop should be able to run all the games no problem) so is there something up with my gpu, what can i do apart form return it (i have done some small upgrades like new thermal paste and a ssd, i think that means ive lost my warranty)? ill be happy to help you guys work this out so feel free to ask me some questions ect!
  7. just got back from testing, idle before was around 55 and after was around 45 i did the 3d mark skydiving benchmark, before was 16002 and after was 16183 (i used thermal grizzly Kryonaut paste btw)
  8. ok thanks ill grab some new paste then when i can but what paste would you guys recommend?
  9. the title basically enplanes it all, my cpu (7700HQ) runs at about 60 with only discord and software to measure cpu temp like i know laptops run a bit hotter but is that normal? i have given the inside a clean, mostly clearing out the dust ect and the temps stayed about the same temp, so like is it time for new thermal paste or what?