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  1. i Found Colorful IGame RTX 2060 Card its even cheaper like a lot cheaper, + it has 3 fans and OC. Can u please check and tell me?
  2. Frankly i Dont care about noise levels, SO lets say i run fans on highest speeds, What temps can i expect? for eg. Right now i use intel stock cooler at max settings( thats like 3600 rpm) and I dont mind the noise. i keep my pc a little far from me.
  3. I have 1050ti now it doesnt go above 65, How high is 80? is that gonna affect performace?
  4. How hot are we talking about is that gonna be a problem?
  5. hey guys im strictly talking about 2060 here, in india these things are like 30percent more expensive atleast. So any higher card is out of the equation. Is that asus card any good? for 1080p 144hz of course. i mean if i spend more money would it be worth it ?
  6. Hey guys I'm building new pc and I'm getting asus rtx 2060 pheonix edition for very cheap price, like 1660ti cheap price. Should i buy that card or i should spend like 100$ more and get higher model of the card. Are higher model cards really worth the 100$ difference?? If i buy this card what are the cons and pros.
  7. I'm thinking about upgrading my cpu and gpu, Just wanted to know can i use my old ram? my current specs: i3 7100. h110m-s2, Adata 2400mhz 8x1 I want to upgrade to: ryzen 5 2600. any b450 motherboard.