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  1. I increased the voltage to 1.35v and frequency to 3000mhz with same cl timings
  2. is it safe to go for 1.4? I don't want to burn my sticks (new to oc and stuff)
  3. yeah but I just want some confirm starting numbers to hold onto and then see if I can reach there
  4. I want to know how much voltage should I put and what should be the cl? should I just change the voltage to 1.35? and put the oc to 2934 or do I need to change the cl timings too?
  5. Ballistix Sport LT Red 4GB DDR4-2666(1.2v) BLS4G4D26BFSE I have kit of these memories running with my ryzen 5 2600 at 2666mhz. Is it worth OCing it? Is OC even possible with these memories? if anyone who have used these memories and OCed them could help me out that would be really appreciated! thanks .
  6. Toheed

    Need help with RX580 bios flash

    Sapphire rx580 nitro+ 8gb. But I am not sure which memory it uses. Hynix or samsung.
  7. I need help with flashing my card's bios to stock bios because sadly the person who sold me this card used it for mining before and bios on this card is shit for gaming performance. I need help in changing the bios back to factory default. PLEASE!
  8. Toheed

    RX580 issue

    I have no idea how to do it. Is there any place where I can find information about it?
  9. Toheed

    RX580 issue

    Update: now the cpu clock is on 1340 restarted the pc twice and the bios changed but still the boost clock isn't working
  10. Toheed

    RX580 issue

    If I try to set it manually everything freezes nd settings revert. I think I need to flash bios the voltage is limiting the card as far as I can tell max 0.9v usage
  11. Toheed

    RX580 issue

    It is showing cpu clock to be 1340 after toggling but still cpu lock stays at 1150 on tests. Sorry about the picture my internet isn't working on pc atm
  12. Toheed

    RX580 issue

    I bought Sapphire nitro+ Rx580 from a guy but it is heavily under performing. THe cpu clock never goes above 1150 even in stress tests. Can you guys tell me what's wrong with this card?
  13. Thanks mate. Really excited for my first custom build now I just need to find a good 144hz monitor. Only option I am getting is asus vg248qe pretty old ass monitor for 250$.
  14. So mwe 650w gold then? Cause it's the cheapest.