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  1. Thinking about getting gtx 1080ti used if rx 5700xt is having all these issue.
  2. https://www.powercolor.com/product?id=1565842787 The one I mentioned is this one. I haven't seen any reviews about this card anywhere thought. And I go for nitro+ it costs me 150$(same price as rtx 2070super here).
  3. The only 3 fan model available here is nitro+ and it costs 150$ more than the power color one lol
  4. Users with rx 5700xt , have your issues being fixed now? Bsod black screen etc? I am planning on buy power color 2 fan rx 5700xt for 370usd open box. But if the drivers are still shit I will buy rtx 2070 or 2060s
  5. I can get rx 5700 cheaper then 2060(non super) . But it is blower design. I don't want to buy a card a regret it if it keeps throttling. Please suggest me what to do
  6. Yeah you are right maybe I should save up a little bit and go for 5700 or 5700xt. Don't want to change gpu every year.
  7. I am considering about switching my cpu with r5 3600. And btw I will sale my rx 580 for 120/130$ so I just need to add 60 more $ for the vega 56.
  8. Alright cool. I hope it won't be loud af or thermal throttle .
  9. But should I go for used vega or new rx 5700 which is almlst 200$ more. (Both blowers tho)
  10. Ryzen 2600 16gb ddr4 3200mhz Yeah rx580 is fine in most games but with new games coming like Cod( I get around 90-110fps on low settings) I am sure that the gpu is gonna have hard time letting me get to 144fps.
  11. I am getting xfx vega 56 blower for 220$ while the rx 5700 here costs around 410 for blower and 430 for pulse model. Which one should I go for? Rn I am using rx 580 and I am unable to get to 144fps in esports games 1080p. I just want a gpu which will let me do 144fps on 1080p esports and 60+ on AAA games.
  12. I have been having this issue for some time now. It doesn't happens all the time but it can happen twice daily or maybe not for a whole week. It is completely random. System disconnects the display and the error leds on the motherboard start jumping between ram and cpu. Then I have to hard restart the system and it works fine after that. What could be the problem? Maybe dust inside ram slot or cpu?
  13. I flashed my motherboadd bios a lot of times since then for ryzen 3000 compatibility and the only oc going on is the xmp profile is enabled. And yes I had ballistix sport lt before but people told me that Bsod and pc freezes are caused mostly because of rams so I swapped them with gskill trident z rgb. The bsod don't happen that much often but the syste still freezes. And yes I have already ran each ram stick on memtest for 4 passes and they came out clear.
  14. Yes , I did used ryzen master once I got my new system. The system used to work fine but ever since I reflashed the bios of gpu and used ryzen master/msi after burner for once the problem started. But after that I reinstalled windows deleted everythinh. Reset cmos. Switched the bios switch on the nitro+ to factory bios. But the problem never goes. At first I thought it was gpu but then I searched and changed ram sticks but still had the issue. I am not sure if I should change the gpu or motherboard cause I can only do 1 thing at a time.
  15. got my first ryzen pc 3 months ago the specs are Ryzen 2600 X470 ultra gaming Rx580 1tb hdd Adata 240gb ssd Cooler master mwe 650w 80+ gold The problem is the pc stucks randomly and I have to hard restart. This mainly happens in demanding titles like fortnit(144fps) It does happens in some older titles but most of the time it happens in fortnite. Sometimes it wont happen whol day but somtimes the pc can freeze every 5 mins. I thought maybe my ram was faulty so I bought new gskill trident z ram sticks. But still the same. I reinstalled windows, updated bios did every possible thing. Memtest etc. Pc usually freezes then gives a BSOD and sometimes it just stops. Bsod is mostly "Unexpected store exception". Now I was going to buy a new board but before that I thought maybe I should post here and maybe someone knows which part is the culprit. Ssd, hdd , mobo or gpu. Plz I need help