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    Intel 3570k
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    Z77 UD5H
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    16 GB Predator
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    EVGA GTX 770 w ACX
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    G500s/Performance MX
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    Xonar DX -> A5+ with SVS SB-1000
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    7 Pro
  1. Actually I wonder if using powerline affects it as well.
  2. Ok I'll look into it. But I think you're right .. all responses and research points to like un-clean power source or signal.
  3. I have been having issues on trying to diagnose this problem for my speakers. Basically, I get loud static noise randomly (see video). Usually it's from me watching YouTube videos but I suppose any audio for that matter. My current setup for the speaker can be seen here. Also, for met to get rid of the noise, I would have to play the YouTube video while audio is on mute, or I can restart. My initial thought would be from like not using insulated cable or if they're too long or whatnot. Grounding issues? loop back? My hardware is listed as: Asus Xonar DX 7.1 SVS subwoofer Audioengine a5+
  4. lol, well i was thinking of selling .. but then i may have to find all the parts and screws that it came with ahahaha.
  5. Just a quick question ... what do you guys do with your old cases? I want to change, but not sure what to do with it ...
  6. haha, yeah well .. no problem.
  7. why not just connect them to DVI. Linus does a few episode that DVI carries more bandwidth than HDMI the only difference between the 2 is that HDMI carries audio signal as well. don't use VGA, or you should avoid.
  8. You confused me with this. Are you saying you want to connect the monitor with VGA/DVI for office and then switch to HDMI for game? But don't use VGA lol. If i had 3 options between VGA, HDMI, and DVI .. I'd pick DVI because DVI can carry more bandwidth than HDMI if I remember correctly. Displayport is technically better than all the 3 connections that was listed.
  9. I just realized that the new monitors only have DP or HDMI for connection LOL. Maybe that's why people are complaining they can't see the full range. But from what I understand, it is not the monitor but the GPU itself. You do what these guys have to do enable the full range (http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=83), and I believe that there are fixes out there for that. Also, one of the guys commented that they issue has been fixed with the latest Nvidia driver (347.09)
  10. I personally like having more real estate to work with. I program and work with spreadsheets, so it is easier and beneficial for me to have more verticals too (so I don't have to scroll too often). I use the Dell 2713HM. Ok, so I just checked the problem that people are having with Nvidia DP and HDMI cables. Maybe the reason I don't have any issues with the monitor and Nvidia card is because I use DVI cable instead of DP or HDMI.
  11. It say according to your amazon link, the resolution of the dell is 1920x1080 which is a 16:9 ratio. If it was a 16:10, the it would be a 1200p monitor (1920x1200) I am currently using my dell monitor with a Nvidia card, no issue. And where did you hear that about that? why would a gpu not go well with a monitor?
  12. well, no but those are like one of the pluses over the other monitor that you have posted. Dell comes with IPS screen too so color reproduction looks very nice. for gaming, i use a 8ms gtg response time, and I don't notice much blurring or ghosting.
  13. I usually have it something like this if you want to have a more umph for the bass. http://jrs-s.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/pualseaudio-eq.png
  14. lol, stupid ipad, .. i was saying Shure! .. it autocorrected to share