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  1. I like Solus because it's more bleeding edge than Ubuntu or Linux Mint but still very much stable. But one of the things I liked most is not about the distro itself but the very helpful community and their forum is very easy to use, it doesn't look archaic at all, and it's very enjoyable to talk to people there. As someone who have just switched to Linux since mid-December because of that linux gaming video that Linus made in mid 2018, I have really enjoyed the experience. It's really eye opening in my personal experience moving to Linux.
  2. You guys didn't check out the merch store, there are gems hidden there.
  3. Aaron Rutten has been known to be a hardcore Wacom fanboy so I don't think that's it. He has also been know to shit on competitors products too. I'm sure that he is talking about the competitors or the new kids because as you said, Wacom didn't have any for decades.
  4. Maybe Linus will use this for the Petabyte Project 2.0
  5. I swear to God their Aventum x2 going to have floppy disks and cost 50k.
  6. I like how in this thread people are actually arguing about whether it's a scam or not but in the YouTube comments section, people are just praising Anthony.
  7. I would be more insterested in the Pinebook Pro as well. There aren't any cheap Linux laptop manufacturer. Purism and system76 only sell mid to high-end laptop.
  8. Can we like stop pointing fingers and instead focus on voicing on our opinion as to how Linus could do better next time? If we're just looking at who's guilty, there'll be no ends to this.
  9. In this video, there's something that Linux didn't explore. That is eGPU through expresscard port on laptop. There are cheap used high-end-6-years-ago laptop like thinkpad x230 that has expresscard and cost like 200-300 dollars max. From that i've read, you'll need a psu (doesn't have to be a beefy one), a gpu, and these thing https://egpu.io/expresscard-2-0-egpu-interface-pros-cons-candidate-notebook-list/
  10. I mean, older laptops that ends up in recycling center probably has spare parts available and swappable batteries. He could just stock up these batteries and swap them out.
  11. Aight, the topic of discussion is which Linux distro should the OP use, let's not get into why Linux is better than Windows or vice versa.
  12. I don't know much about T-Series, I mostly harbor toward the X-Series, but yeha, I have agree with this point. They did remove physical button on the X240 but later reinstall them on the X250 so yeah.
  13. Well, their 69 dollars gaming PC also wouldn't work everywhere because every region is different, right? Same like this, I'm basically suggesting them to make that video but this time with a laptop instead of a desktop/
  14. I would advise researching about your game compatibility here : https://www.protondb.com/