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  1. im looking for something like this but that can be used from 20 meters away
  2. around 15-18 meters away, im looking for a usb hub that i can conect my keyboard mouse, probably one or two devices and plus headphones
  3. Hi, i've been researching for a way to have my pc standing in my dorm room and be able to have another monitor in the living room aswell i know that i can use an hdmi split and run the cable through the house and i'll get image in the living room but i havent found a USB HUB or peripheral that allows me to do that. im doing this becouse i want to work in the living room and be able to share with my family, and in the nights change spots to my room and since i dont have that much money to spend on another computer, i've been researching for a way to do this... if you could recommend me some settings / USB Hubs / something to be able to do this i would appreciate that alot!
  4. yeah the page says that it does have but when i selected the conection to 1GBps in the modem/router the adapter in the computer was marked as disconected and i had to switch ports to be able to connect again. By the way i just checked the driver and turns out this motherboard have a RTL810xE PCI Express Fast Ethernet so it's only capable of 10/100 Mbps
  5. So in resume, im fcked i cant play games with a better ping as a short answer :c and all of that becouse of the country that im at ps Colombia
  6. AK-H81TM i havent checked the quality of the cable, imma check that!
  7. Quick Question Does Gigabit Ethernet improves Gaming Ping/Latency? i've been searching for a way to improve a little bit my ping/latency in Battlefield V and some others Online games and i just realised that my motherboard is capped at 100mpbs (Fast Ethernet) and my router is 1000mpbs (Gigabit Ethernet) is able to handle that connection so the question is if i decide to buy a Gigabit Adapter eighter Pci or Usb, would my ping/latency improve? by the way should i get another plan from my isp? to improve that? thank you in advance! By the way i know is a crappy old motherboard but we have to work with what we have...