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    i3 8100
  • Motherboard
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    8-gb of random ram from dell
  • GPU
    gtx 1050
  • Case
    dell insprion 5680
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    1 tb of baracuda hd

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  1. I probably could heavy modify the mouse to fit a g300s board then have a new wireless board. But yeah without any modifications I wouldn’t expect it to preform very well
  2. Also btw this mouse uses a laser. Might be something cool to use if I wanted to make a 2000’s sleeper build
  3. It was a cool looking mouse. I was thinking with a bit of work I could make a wireless gaming mouse out of it.
  4. Thanks. Turns out I messed up a driver install. The save is corrupted now but that’s ok at least I can play doom again
  5. Ps it also looks like it’s from 2001 if that helps
  6. I just found this old Logitech by dell mouse. I can’t figure out how to connect it to my computer or how it works. The fcc code listed is jnz211499. Please help
  7. Is it possible you could send me some tutorials on how to print a pcb
  8. Do you know any chip testing methods to try before repairing the board. I don’t want to try repairing the board and find out the chips don’t work
  9. Hello I just got a copy of a broken Pokémon red. I was wondering how could I fix it and how much it might cost. Here are some photos of it
  10. hey does anyone on this forum have any method of using your pc in a peer to peer setup to transmit Bluetooth signals over the internet and broadcast them off of another pc to simulate a switch next to another person's switch? I wanted to play a bit of smash with a friend of mine but he doesn't have Nintendo online.