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  1. Well so...i don´t know. Turned on AMD Overdrive and let it do some autoadjust. After a while i got bored and stopped and set the multiplier to x19,5 for 4Ghz. The witcher crashed right after loading the game. Turned it down to x19 for 3,9Ghz and everything cool. GPU still at around 1%. Another thing is, in Task-manager ( ) it always shows up at 3,79Ghz. Why is this? Why isn´t it fluctuating like on my Laptop? I´ve never really digged into OC so i´m kinda noobish.
  2. Not that noticeable. But since i haven´t realy watched for it i can´t tell you %s right now. Going to keep an eye on it.
  3. Hey, after some time i was revisiting the Witcher 3. Since the last time i upgradet from a 970 to a 1070ti. Pumped the graphics to max and What? 1 - 5% GPU utilization?? Changed to mid and low setting, activated all postprocessing. No difference. Fps range from 40 to 65 with some drops and my cpu (amd phenom II X4 970) is always at 90 - 100%. I know, thight bottleneck. How can this be? Is the CPU such a hard bottleneck that the gpu just needs to work 1%? Is a 1070Ti too overkill for what the witcher needs? Is the witcher 3 so optimized that you don´t need a good GPU? This leaves me a bit clueless..
  4. You know if there´s going to be a b550 too?
  5. Yeeeeah...kind of. You normaly just see fragments of paste on both surfaces and i think there are a lot of people who don´t know what to do with this picture. If i see what happens through the plexi, i can be sure to know what is gonna happen with the heatsink. Second, i personally would not just reaply the heatsink after removing it. I´m pretty sure there will form a lot of air bubbles which are never good. And third, you normaly have more thermal paste than you need so the loss is marginal.
  6. Put a little Blob in the center and tighten your cooler crossways. The paste is just for the very little gaps between both surfaces so you really don´t need much. Remember your cooler is actually being pressed surface on surface, so just a little blob will spread good in all dircetions. Another thing is, that you don´t actually need to have thermal paste on your whole cpu. The surface where you put the paste on is just another heatspreader and the cpu die just uses little space under it. If you´re not sure if you have enoguh or too much, press down with a piece of glass or plexi or just something flat and transparent. Looking good? Then no worries, you´re doing great.
  7. Would be interessting how heatpipes affect the temps in comparison to standard copper tubes.
  8. yeahyeah i know, i just wanted to show that there is more than one crazy way While i like the heatpipe watercooler more because it´s much more useable and actually not too hard to diy at home.
  9. ´ve seen this some weeks ago. This is pretty neat! We need more of this stuff such as water cooling your heatpipes or water cooling your air cooler.
  10. I am everytime confused that people do really wear their shoes in their house. Here in Austria it is absolutely normal for people to leave their shoes in the entrance. Sometimes when you need a quick grap or you´ve got business guests, you keep your shoes on but for everyday living? Shoes are not as comfy as without (opinions can differ)and it´s definitly way more healthy to don´t always walk with shoes. And man, shoes are way more dirty than socks. And people are actually walking with them on carpet? CARPET? Like you are actually cleaning your shoes with your carpet. I don´t even want to sit on a couch when there were shoes on it. Normaly there should be no reason to replace your floor more often than dunno..once every 20 to 30 years? Maybe change from your 3 year carpet to a nice wooden floor, it´s also extremely easy to clean. I realy don´t understand how people want to wear shoes inside but if they want to, just for some basic hygienic reasons, go get some indoor shoes.
  11. Nice to know. Nah i would never open spam attachments on my day-to-day operating system. I´m also thinking about setting up a decoupled "spam" pc, but i think a vm is somehow the same thing. Just want to get sure that nothing can break out.
  12. Hey people, i´ve always liked spam mails. They tend to have a hidden beauty inbetween the lines and realy "good" spam mail are being moved into a "nice spam" folder. Now sometimes i want to open their attachments but i am not stupid doing this on my windows pc. I know VMs are capsuled from your pc and you can do crazy stuff there without harming your pc. Am i safe opening spam attachments in an virtualbox VM? Am i unsafe if i connect it to the web? I don´t want to risk anything and i am pretty adept on computer stuff so maybe someone of you did this before and can give me some tips? Thanks
  13. Nah i don´t think it´s too late. Sure there are Players who are way more experienced but that doesn´t matter since this is 1. always happening and 2. still alpha. I own SC and SQ42 since.. 2.7 i think? it was 45 bucks back then and i never regretted it. I´ve put way more money into finished games which i never really play. I´m always saying..1 Buck for 1 Hour. If i pay 60 Bucks and play at least 60 Hours, i´m good with it. I play SC sometimes a Month. Not really trying to get further but just having fun flying and fighting. I just want to see what changed while waiting for it´s release and actually i do really like it. So if you´re into space games, SC is not really expensive but really cool to play. It may not give you a vide variety of content or stuff to do right now, but this does change with every update. Just buy it. Really. There are far more more expensive games out there which are not worth the money. And if SC is not worth your money right now, it will be. But maybe if it is released, it will be more expensive.
  14. Samsung C27HG70 looks quite promising thanks! Yeah, maybe i´ll do that if i´m not happy with what i find in the curved section.