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  1. It uses Asus Armory 2, which ive read mixed reviews about. It also comes with a usbc to usb a connector. Ive tried that and it doesnt seem to be helping at all. Im also wondering if I forgot to install my mobo's audio drivers. Im going to try some more digging around but from what I can remember it involves installing the armory crate which I will not do because of alllll of the behind the scenes installs it does on your computer.
  2. Since I bought these headphones I've been using my Rog Maximus XI Heros usb c input to power these headphones. To me they just feel like they are under powered. With 4 individual 30mm speakers in each headphone I feel like they should blower my ears wide open but at full volume they sound underpowered. They have potential but lack the power to provide really high quality sound. Can anyone reccomend a good sound card to hook these into? I havent been able to find a card with a usb c input. Or am I doing something wrong? I have an additional usb c plug in on my rtx 2080, is that worth trying? These headphones are so new that it's impossible to find any info for them. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. Also when shutting down the PC is laggy upon hitting the shut down button.
  4. Hi, I've been having issues on start up with my desktop. Sometimes it displays a black screen, sometimes when it starts up it freezes at the login screen, sometimes the resolution of my screen is way down but when I log in the screen flashes and the resolution goes back to what it's supposed to be set at. All of these things are fixed if I hard boot the system. So I'm thinking it's either my hard drive is going out or it's something with windows. Any suggestions would be helpful thank you! I'm running a 9900k on a maximus XI hero mobo, 2080 strix Graphics card, and a Samsung evo 850 500g ssd. Thank you for reading
  5. None of that worked but I did get it to work. I just enabled the CSM which got things back to normal. Thanks for the help :)!
  6. Hello, after doing a update using asus's ez update software my computer will not go past the UEFI Bios window. After doing some digging I found out that my SSD is in a 'frozen' state so my computer will not recognize my hard drives. Is there a remedy for this? I've tried everything I can think of and I dont want to erase my hard drive. My SSD is a Samsung evo 860 500g with a maximus XI hero motherboard. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)