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  1. My parents have a pretty decent internet connection (15mbps down and 2mbps up) and they have it coming in through a phone jack. It’s DSL which is by no means the best but it’s the best you can likely do with a phone jack. you also have to have an ISP willing to get you connected like that. Where do you live and what kind of internet service do you currently have? based on what I’m reading in this thread you may want to look at getting wireless access points and maybe changing the channels on the router. You could be having congestion issues and interference from other people’s networks. I set up 2 ASUS AC RT66R routers at my parents house with one set as primary and one set as access point. Works well. Keep in mind 2.4ghz will have better range but slower theoretical speed while 5ghz has less range but higher theoretical speed.
  2. dDave64

    help for partitioning hard drive in windows 2000

    I’m assuming you are running a board old enough that it may not work at all with USB booting. In that case I would recommend getting something along the lines of Norton Partition Magic and burning the program to a CD. You should be able to boot to a CD just fine. You may even be able to find that for free on the Internet. I bought an official copy years ago though. Works like a charm on older hardware. I used to use that program all the time back when I was using XP and 98SE so your Windows 2000 system would fall in the right era for that to likely work for you. Used on multiple IDE hard drives and a few times on older SATA drives.
  3. dDave64

    What shift button do you use when typing?

    I grew up on the modern standard of QWERTY keyboards (first one was an IBM M model with an IBM Aptiva desktop) I use Left shift all the way. It’s an extremely rare occasion for me to use the right shift. Same story with the space bar, always use left thumb for that. I’m sort of a right hand dominant ambidextrous (my parents encouraged me to be right handed) but my typing has always been led by my left hand. Convenient for me because I can type left handed and use the mouse with my right hand.
  4. dDave64

    what is your guilty pleasure food?

    My favorites have always been the bagel chips so I wasn’t too bothered by it.
  5. dDave64

    A choice between three GPUs

    I think any of those 3 cards will do what you need in anything current day. Stuff over the next few years will play nicer with the 2080 ti though.
  6. 16 is really only better than 8 if you use it. Check task manager a few times over the next few days to see how much memory is in use. 16 will offer higher security in the sense that you’ll know you have resources to spare. It’ll also let you get dual channel mode which is nice.
  7. dDave64

    GPU temperatures

    Could be the eBay card was reposted poorly or something but I don’t think so. My BEST guess is the top card gets hotter because heat is rising from the second card. This makes the only airflow available to the primary card hitter. other possibility is restricted airflow to one of the cards. Is the second card right up against the bottom of the case or PSU? Is the PSU pulling from inside or outside the case? What case are do you have?
  8. dDave64

    what to do w/ my life

    What do you do for work? That may be a simple and productive way to get into some social circles. Gaming gets a bad rap from a lot of people but it’s only when it hinders us from living the life we should that it becomes an issue. Same with most other things really (drinking, movies, even outdoor activities like hiking) I think gaming has been a very healthy thing for me. Though admittedly, it’s an extremely rare occasion that I put more than 1 or 2 hours into it in a day (I’m married and work 40+ hours a week) Personally, I attend church, spend time with family, and spend time with certain coworkers. Most of my friends fall into at least one of those categories as it relates to me. That’s my community. It’s healthy to be around people. Maybe not all the time but it’s healthy to have people in your life. in your personal time maybe take up a hobby like reading, lego building, or maybe writing. There’s so much out there. If you feel gaming is not a good use of your time 6-8 hours a day there are other things to do.
  9. dDave64

    Upgrade Advice

    It depends on the game. Some are VERY cpu heavy. The bottleneck would be pretty small if it applied, I think. I wouldn’t expect it to apply in most scenarios. A 2080 will outperform a Vega 56, that’s for sure. Overall though. Your GPU will limit 1440p gameplay much more than your processor in this case. I wouldn’t worry about the 1700x. That’s a good chip that should keep up reasonably well.
  10. dDave64

    Make ANY PC Into a Hackintosh!

    I think this is a really creative solution. I have a friend that doesn’t want to buy another Mac but needs Mac exclusive software. I’m gong to recommend this to him.
  11. dDave64

    Will a GTX 1060 3GB work on my system?

    Yes, it’s compatible. If it’s bottlenecked at all by this system it won’t be much. I agree with the previous comments about the power supply. What unit is it? Some stuff supposedly rated for 500 won’t even put out 375
  12. Solutions to what? You’re getting 24fps content or maybe 30fps in some cases (all discs I am aware of will play 24 while most broadcasts will be 30. I believe streaming services are also limited to 24). There is a certain amount of “jitter” inherent in having framerates that low. High refresh rate just means the frames that actually exist can be swapped or faster. You can’t just magically make it 60fps. Only video games (and only some at that) have really broken into the higher fps stuff at this point in time. What’s the model of the TV?
  13. dDave64

    Looking for an M.2 and adapter

    M.2 drives come in 2 basic flavors these days. SATA and NVMe. If you edit really nice large video files or move huge files around regularly then you may want to look at NVMe. Otherwise, it’s more expensive for basically no benefit. A SATA m.2 will operate the same as a 2.5” SATA SSD. It just gives you flexibility to use a newer port if you need to. Usually a 2.5” is cheaper though.
  14. dDave64

    No Display Output

    Do you have another screen to try? (Even an HDTV would work just to test) Possible the monitor died. I’ve had it happen to me twice where it will stay on and technically light up a black screen but won’t actually display an image. (Happened to me with a Dell and an acer monitor) EDIT - I just saw you said it works with your XBOX. I vote for BIOS update.
  15. dDave64

    Trouble Installing Hackintosh (Ryzen)

    I may have been wrong. Maybe look at this? Looks like it’s a very recent development but looks promising. There are AMD specific steps to take to get the kernel working properly. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/a95xlo/mojave_now_on_ryzen/