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  1. So I am currently running a dual GPU System. I am just getting into streaming and recording and had planned on offloading the streaming and recording tasks to the second GPU. The only way I have been able to do this before was using my last Intel chip, turning on the iGPU in the BIOS and using the Windows 10 graphics settings under the display settings to offload specific programs to the iGPU while letting the GPU do the work on rendering the game environment. Since then I have moved to a Dual setup with CrossFire capability, and a Ryzen APU. Ryzen does not allow the iGPU to be on when a discrete card is installed in the system, and when I try to use the same method as before to offload the decode and record task to GPU 2 it simply does not show up in the menu, even though I have confirmed that it is recognized by windows, and I have even used the CrossFire setup successfully in a few games so the GPU is there and able to be used, but for some reason windows will not allow me to offload tasks to it. The other option I have tried is by using OBS, which, through the pages and pages of settings and plugins, did successfully allow me to offload that task to GPU 2 however every single recording is JUNK, it appears like its recording at like 5 FPS. A quick Google shows many other people having this same issue but OBS is far too complex for me and I'd like something that is far more streamlined and good for beginners at this. I would like to integrate my Webcam feed into my recordings as well, Action! by Mirillis allowed me to do this but doesn't let me offload the task within it's own settings. When I turn on recording it dumps my FPS by well over half the frames. So that isn't a viable option. When I was running my last system I was setup with a single discrete GPU (GigaByte RX480 8Gb Gaming 1) an I5-6500 with the HD 530 Integrated Graphics turned on. In this configuration I successfully offloaded Mirillis to the HD 530, while the game environment used the RX480 and the FPS did not drop at all while recording. So I am confused as to why with 2 GPU's and a better, not significantly better but better, CPU I am getting worse performance. Any suggestions? Either on software that I can use that will let me offload the recording/stream off to GPU 2 leaving GPU 1 free to render games completely, or how to get windows to allow me to do that?? My System Specs: Aorus b450 Gaming Elite Motherboard - Details Ryzen 3 2200g Overclocked to 3.9 Ghz - Details 16GB DDR4 HyperX Fury Ram @ 2400 Mhz MSI RX580 8Gb OC Edition - Running in 8X mode, CPU Limitation Gigabyte RX 480 - Overclocked to match the settings of the RX580 - Running in 4X mode, Motherboard limitation 256 Gb M.2 SSD - Windows drive 2 TB 7200 RPM HDD Before I get blasted for putting an entry level Ryzen into my system, my MOBO crapped the bed and I got the 2200G with the intention of upgrading to the 2600X in a few months, then using it to build a budget gaming PC for my Oldest daughter to play Minecraft on.