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  1. I have the same issues too lmao I have the AOC 24V2Q. Razer thin monitor and Razer thin bezels. This montior is great the only downside is those VERTICAL LINES. I'm thinking of getting a Dell P2419H or perhaps even a Dell Ultrasharp. If anyone uses these Dell monitors please let me know whether those monitors have the vertical lines.
  2. Wouldn't that delete everything on the USB?
  3. So yesterday I was transferring files to this Kingston USB 2.0 USB then all of a sudden it automatically disconnects from the computer. I did not touch the USB or the computer. When I tried plugging in the USB again Windows displayed a message saying "There's a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it." I did the scan but it could't fix the USB and said something along the lines of Windows could not scan this drive.... try restarting you computer..... I restarted and tried it again and the same thing happens. When I don't scan the USB, it is detected by my computer and all my files are visible. Its only when I try to transfer files to the USB or when I open a file that is saved on the USB that it disconnects again. All these issues mentioned above also happened with different computers I tried with. HOWEVER, whenever I try plugging in this USB now, Windows struggles to even detect it. It would play the connection sound, display the drive name in File Explorer for a second and then disappear. The scan the drive now message rarely appears as well because of how fast it disconnects. So with all of that, is my USB Thumb Drive Dead? From what I can tell I think the files on this thumb drive are still intact because when did manage to open files briefly on my USB, eg. a video, it would play for a few seconds before stopping due to the USB disconnecting. Are my files recoverable and if so, what should I do? (I'm not particularly worried if I lose these files because the majority of it isn't that important and the files that are important are already backed up) Thanks
  4. Yeah I noticed a few Cat 6As and I was trying to find a cable. Whats the difference between Cat 6 and Cat 6A. Is there like a "better" one like with Cat 5 and 5e
  5. Hi guys, right now I am having some issues with Google Chrome and I thought an uninstall might resolve it. But after I uninstalled Chrome I noticed that it didn't full uninstall because it still remembered the account I had signed in with when I reinstalled it. So I was wondering if there is a way to "fully" uninstall Google Chrome like it was never on my computer inthe first place. Also if uninstalling Google Chrome doesn't fix my issue, I will probably come back here for help ;). Thanks.
  6. So I want to replace my Cat 5e Ethernet cable that is connected to my router with something that is longer. But after looking at multiple stores, Cat 6 had more options in terms of length and in some cases were even cheaper. So I was wondering whether if it is ok if I replaced my Cat 5e cable that is connected to my router right now with a Cat 6 cable. Also does the length of an Ethernet cable affect speed? Thanks
  7. But the version numbers are the exact same.
  8. Also does anyone know how to fix my over saturation issue
  9. So when I connect my laptop to a monitor I noticed that the colors are really saturated on the monitor's screen compared to what it looks like when I connect a different laptop. I was wondering whether updating my video drivers would help. Or is this normal how color outputs are different depending on the laptop and its factory calibration. But upon checking what driver version I had I noticed that I had the latest one however, the dates are different. Do I really have the latest drivers? So I am not sure whether I should or not.
  10. So I plugged in my new laptop into my monitor and I've noticed that the screen is really saturated, compared to what it used to look like with this other laptop. So a few things: Does this have to do with my new laptop's drivers. Is it normal to have varying image/color quality depending on a computer's hdmi port. Or (I highly doubt this) Is this how my monitor is supposed to look like. Because the new laptop is much more expensive than the other one so I'd assume it would have a better hdmi port. Also my new laptop has a USB C port. Do you think that the image/color quality will change.