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  1. @Donut417 @stanfiveohtwo thanks for the information, I guess it's time to shop around now and see what works
  2. CBS, FOX, and NBC all come from North West (28 mi) CW (WPIX) and ABC (WABC) come from a North West and North East (31 mi) Also, I have a better view of CW and ABC broadcast towers surprisingly lol (direction wise) I was able to get the antenna I currently have for free and it works so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The antenna I have is for the living room that my parents mostly use, I want to get one for my room now. I live about 31 miles from ABC and CW broadcast towers according to antennaweb.org, and TV fool tells me the towers are 28 miles away from me. I live in an apartment so I don't know if I'm allowed to install an outside antenna.
  3. @Mr Singh I can get 144hz through HDMI with the LG UltraGear 24GL600F-B
  4. You want a curved 120Hz monitor? Because that's all there is surprisingly. You can get a 144Hz monitor for way less than a 120Hz
  5. I believe this should be the correct place for my topic.. Anyways, I bought an Antenna a while ago and I get pretty much get all the channels I care about NBC, CBS, FOX, but the channel I'm missing is the CW. I looked at coverage maps from the fcc and TV fool and I should be able to get it. Also, I was able to see abc (WABC-TV) with no problem before but now the signal stutters. I only moved it a bit so it can be on the window. (The antenna is also hanging upside down, I don't know if that has to with anything) Specs of the antenna
  6. I'm currently using instant light because I don't know how to use iCUE Profile 2 looks the same as Default When I first got the keyboard, it light up without iCUE
  7. I update iCUE earlier today and the keyboard is already up to date
  8. When open / keep it running in the back ground I have iCUE and CueLLAccessService.exe iCUE service for interaction with CorsairLLAccess driver (32 bit) But when I exit out only "CueLLAccessService.exe iCUE service for interaction with CorsairLLAccess driver" stays running
  9. Like I said in my post, it doesn't save and the lights turn off when I close iCUE
  10. You can save light colors/effects into the keyboard so you don't need to have the software open for the lights to be on.
  11. I can't seem to save a profile to the keyboard. When I close the iCUE software the lights go off on the keyboard. iCUE has to be one of the worst, complicated programs I've used.
  12. It's explained in the same article you linked
  13. I just got this keyboard, it's not my first corsair keyboard with RGB but I didn't really use iCUE because it's so complicated. I downloaded the iCUE software by selecting "gaming keyboards" and then choosing "K70 RGB, RGB LUX, RGB RAPIDFIRE, RGB MK.2, LOW PROFILE" I first wanted to see if I could make it all 1 color with instant lighting but that didn't work, so I then I tried to have two different static colors but wasn't saving either. Yes, I've clicked on the save icon. Now, when I exit iCUE the LEDs turn off except for the windows lock and light dim/brightness
  14. So I've been learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I pretty much understand how it works, now, how would I practice using those languages to make websites? Should I use something like Wix/Squarespace or code from scratch?
  15. I don't really have a problem with those, they're only from the galaxy store. People are overacting to those tbh
  16. I had a dream that I was installing an AIO

    Not sure why though, because I haven't really thought of or have wanted to install an AIO

  17. I don't think this should be news anymore, every update is broken.
  18. Try reinstalling the Xbox controller drivers
  19. No, leave it the way it is. If enabling intel 4000 HD = black screen, then stop doing it
  20. Fractal because of the way it looks and then buy 2 more fans for the front, for that sweet fresh air. But if you can't spend more than $89 go with Cooler Master, 3 pre-installed front fans already.
  21. They're saying enabling intel 4000 HD causes the black screen Why do you want to enable the driver anyways, DangerRig? It seems you have a dedicated gpu so you don't need the intel 4000 HD.