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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Totalschaden1997 in Which Linux Distro qualifies my needs?   
    Hi, Dell usually tends to have supported ACPI because of their XPS developer version which comes out with Ubuntu pre-installed, so you won't have any problems with the backlight, sleep, etc...

    As for external drawing screen tablet, usually depends from the availability of the drivers, I got a simple Huion for playing osu, and it works. Wacom should have native support too, its something you can check with Google.

    Davinci resolve has a native linux version and is easy to install, has a windows-like setup, but unlike windows, it doesn't support H264 video playback for some reason, so you will need to encode in HEVC or something else, I don't know the details

    Any DX11 game is likely to run, except the one with EAC which are something currently unsupported with wine atm which are currently in development with Valve for a solution

    As for customization, every linux distro lets you do that

    Speaking of safety, viruses are less prone to attack you due to linux being less used in desktops and also because of the package manager, as for hacks/vulnerabilities, as long you update your system regularly, there are no issues compared with WIndows 10 automatic updates, as for privacy, some distros like ubuntu tend to send a minimal quantity of data compared to Windows.

    Wine should be capable of running Windows programs, but has to be compatible. C# ones tend to be the most supported

    As for the distro, you may choose the one you like, that should have all you need, but if you are unsure choose the most updated one just to be sure to have more drivers for your peripherals you want to run, like Ubuntu 19.04 or PopOS, or Manjaro Linux (Which has a slighly harder learning curve as it's based in arch and is a bit less stable)

    You can try a desktop environment like KDE, since has widgets, so Kubuntu would be a choice, or Manjaro KDE, or PopOS with KDE. But GNOME offers customization like Windows too with something like DashToPanel
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Bananasplit_00 in How many people are considering Linux now as a viable gaming option after LTT's video?   
    Take a look at ProtonDB and Lutris websites, they should tell you if you can get the games running. I had the same experience with my first test back in December but now pretty much my entire 100 something games library works
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Brennan Price in How many people are considering Linux now as a viable gaming option after LTT's video?   
    I use Linux from something like ...11 years?

    I never got to use the open source graphics editing on it too, It's just too much for me to learn new things, and for the one who don't work the same as I used to on Photoshop (or even work better)
    I tried Krita, KDEnlive, Olive, GIMP, Pinta, but nothing satisfied me for everything (except some very basic editings)

    I am just a bit frustrated because you require to use wine to get partial Photoshop functionality for example, but even though they run a bit slowly and I always preferred dual booting for that

    I sincerely hope to see full Wine compatibility in the future, or native proprietary releases or something like Paint.NET or Adobe suite
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Bananasplit_00 in Stackoverflow survey reveals growing interest in Linux   
    Not everything is that efficient though, pulseaudio and alsa are a truly nightmare by design and often cause issues, and driver incompatibilities
    But it's definitely enjoyable when it just works
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to colonel_mortis in Stackoverflow survey reveals growing interest in Linux   
    I don't think that's what the results say. I think it's actually that 83.1% of developers who report developing for linux said that they like it/want to continue working with it next year.
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Master Delta Chief in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    I bet it's something to do with the compositor, try to disable it manually. Sadly it's not something the xfce developers seem to care about speaking of games
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from BuckGup in Stackoverflow survey reveals growing interest in Linux   
    Not everything is that efficient though, pulseaudio and alsa are a truly nightmare by design and often cause issues, and driver incompatibilities
    But it's definitely enjoyable when it just works
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from SpaceGhostC2C in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    It's a nice desktop OS... When it works.
    Since hardware manufacturers for desktop computers give their products with windows preinstalled, it will be common to find unsupported configuration or drivers

    Honestly makes sense, it's like hackintoshing a computer, do you seriously expect an unsupported configuration to just work? Even though in this case there are reverse engineered drivers, like nouveau (is just an example, but there are some broadcom reverse engineered drivers as well for wifi)
    That just means you will not get full compatibility with your machine since your vendor do not support your OS, unless you are lucky EDIT:(lucky means getting community support like workarounds in the kernel, or the distro, etc... those are common for thinkpads for example)

    Things really improved from the past as well, but there are still some issues with sound cards and ACPI

    Even though you have some machines like the Dell XPS who are sold with linux, and honestly those are perfectly supported machines and work really great, you will surely have something like back light working here (the most common thing that breaks on unsupported linux laptops due to buggy ACPI)

    But there are some configurations on desktops as well which will cause issues, like when new hardware is released, most of the time some distros like ubuntu use a too old kernel and would even refuse to boot because of the driver being too stupid about not knowing new hardware (Especially for NVIDIA gpu's, the open source driver sucks)

    This is also an issue because of the small quantity of people using Linux, which obviously not everyone will report bugs.

    What I'm trying to say is: Linux is great, but will not work on every machine due to obvious reasons, but it's worth trying especially considering how things are becoming better day per day.

    I personally do not listen to people just saying "hey use linux, it's like windows but free and does the same things" because it's obviously not true, it's a different OS, never meant to replace windows, but with a constant improvement in compatibility, also speaking of native programs but also compatibility layers (which imo is the only thing that would make people switch, because obviously software companies will not support an OS with a little use base, unless they gain with those)
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Sauron in Stackoverflow survey reveals growing interest in Linux   
    Uhm...What? Great news for who?
    It's not like our choices and preferences makes we better than the others rather then just choosing for our needs and workloads as developers ones especially are not all the same
    I was directly referring to that, personally I would feel frustrated to work with iot devices and Windows, especially when working with buildroot for example (so far it works only on Linux) or even partitioning for a Pi which requires ext4
    Also ide's like atom and vscode work on Linux too, so people just moved for some reason
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to GardeningWithSilicon in Is mac OS more secure than windows ? There have been user data loss with some windows updates, what do you think ?   
    I've never had to make one publicly available. I did make a centos rpm for a test agent we run. Once the rpm was written, I just handed into over to the devops dude to handle. 
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to GardeningWithSilicon in Is mac OS more secure than windows ? There have been user data loss with some windows updates, what do you think ?   
    Hi there. This got a bit longer than expected, but I hope to impart some experience. As a background, I have done security work for all three platforms. I have the least experience securing Macs, but I generally treat them the same as a Linux box. I don't think I have ever seen a Mac OS server hosting anything important. 
    1.) https://research.checkpoint.com/rottensys-not-secure-wi-fi-service/ - a botnet of 5 million phones.
    1b.) The Mirai botnet - https://www.csoonline.com/article/3258748/the-mirai-botnet-explained-how-teen-scammers-and-cctv-cameras-almost-brought-down-the-internet.html 
    1c.) The largest Linux repo was compromised with malware - https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2016/02/22/worlds-biggest-linux-distro-infected-with-malware/
    2.) I'm a linux admin. I can tell you how many times I've seen improperly secured servers which have been attacked. People don't install mod-secure and then skiddies scan the internet looking for servers which will process commands from http requests. Or, more likely, some CMS relies on an old version of PHP or a mysql database that hasn't been upgraded since before smartphones existed. But even ignoring that, watch the video I linked previously. You will see how many "low hanging fruit" are available with a default Linux installation. As I said before, the software is what makes the computer useful and is also what makes it vulnerable. 
    2b.) Regarding users, permissions, and access: the same model for compromising a Windows box applies to Linux. It has the same security philosophy - use only the least amount of privileges required. They have a www-user. They have ACLs and a root account (which is disabled by default unless you choose to ignore doing this during setup). 
    2c.) Regarding the "thousands-per-second" failed login attempts - This would be evidence of an improperly setup server. The port for logging into the database should not be accessible from outside localhost. Fail2ban should be implemented over the top of that to add those failed attempt IP addresses to the iptables droplist. 
    3.) The IT professional would tell you no such thing. An IT professional would run a risk analysis. In this analysis, he would define who needs access to this server, and what needs to be on the server. From there, he would then ask if there are any requirements for the software on the server. From my experience, most MSP admins will recommend Windows simply because it's what they know. Small and medium sized IT admins will use Windows for the same reason. Linux requires its own skillset and knowledge base. Most admins I have met do not have the skills to secure a Linux box properly. 
    But let's just say that we have an experienced Linux admin running a server. He still has to manage the server and its software. This means that he cannot just use the most recent version of Linux or the most recent version of Apache / Mysql / PHP. He has to make sure that whatever he is hosting on this server is compatible with the newest, most secure versions. That's where the problems start. In my experience, running a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla, you will not always be able to immediately update the box. There is a period of time between which an attack is discovered and used, and when the attack is mitigated. And that's the best case scenario. In the worst case, you get a call from a client with a compromised system that hasn't been updated ever. The software they run isn't compatible with anything more secure or even made in the last decade. Sometimes you can upgrade gradually but this is painstaking process that requires time to complete. In the meantime, the business is impacted. Business owners do not like having their service down for any reason - even if it is security related. And while some understand that it needs to be fixed, others don't. Those are the ones that become badly infected. They then spread the infection to others. 
    As a side note: I had a customer who was running the most recent version of Joomla on a new installation of Linux on AWS. I discovered an attack was ran against the server. While the attack was stopped by the WAF, it still showed a hole which needed to be plugged. So, I prepared a powerpoint to show her what I found and what needed to happen to stop this from happening again. When I got to the technical portion of the attack, she laughed and walked out of the room. I think I blew her mind.
    We did plug the hole and prevent similar style attacks from happening again. But, the hole was there. On the newest software on a secure platform. Security holes happen. Plugging the hole is possible. BUT - and this is the most important point - in my experience, Linux is a difficult platform to secure in perpetuity because it takes so much work to do right, and because the requirements of linux software are more difficult to satisfy. 
    I think some work is being done to make this better. For example, docker containers and snap applications help a lot since they bundle the required supporting software with the software you want to run. But from my experience, it takes a more advanced administrator to use these. And I can tell you, most small and medium sized businesses don't have a devops position listed. They have a guy who took a web coding bootcamp and has a ftp access to some shared hosting site. 
    I haven't worked for a large enterprise as an administrator yet. The largest environment I have worked in was 600 physical servers / with an addition 400~ virtual machines. This was a video hosting site running on Linux. There, we had an entire floor of Linux administrators, a 24x7 NOC team, and an entire floor of software developers. I was part of the NOC team, so I can tell you about Nagios would inform us of issues. 
    I can also tell you that we did not have a massive log of failed attempts to compromise the server (at least to my knowledge). We used Fail2Ban. Instead, the NOC team responded to DDOS attacks and failed hardware. I did run my own server there. I can tell you that by moving ssh to a different port, failed login attempts dropped dramatically. 
    If you have made it this far, congratulations! Here's the most important lesson: Some determined to get into the system will get in. There is a reason why safes are measured in time to access. Safes have far less security holes than any computer running server software on the internet. 
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Lady Fitzgerald in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    1) Those are not necessarily developers, check what a Linux distribution is, Canonical does not develop Ubuntu, they just put together software, offer web storage and bandwidth, which depends if you call it "developing" or not since it's also based on Debian with it's base (They developed the basic tools for shipping the distribution, debian community are all volunteers anyway)
    Canonical employees only actually develop a bunch of applications (mostly regarding the cloud if I don't remember wrong, and projects like Mir), the Ubuntu community has volunteers where can or cannot be hired by canonical, like maintainers who actually update software and manage things, but they do not develop anything, they just may be testing updates and porting piece of patches/software updates from the actual projects releases like GNOME.

    2) You seemed to changed the subject from "Linux is fragmented" to "Developers do not care about shipping software in a small OS" which obviously have nothing to do with doing that incorrectly, it's not easier or harder to do that.

    3) Watch your profanity please I'm not acting mean to you, please

    It's not, it's not that even hard to ship software correctly, and a perfect example is Davinci Resolve who went from shipping .debs to .appimage, which exactly behave like Windows and do not have any pre-requirements as it's a plain and simple setup binary

    Linux is not special like Windows even isn't in this case, they do not work that differently speaking of opening software
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Murasaki in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    KDE Plasma 5, with the Manjaro Linux theme
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Ithanul in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    Ubuntu 19.04 uses it, so it works, and btw it's in the gnome changelog gitlab, this fix got implemented in 3.32

    Before GNOME was forced to sync everything in 60Hz

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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from Ithanul in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    Another thing I would like to add from the one I already said are both good an bad ones.

    One bad thing will surely be 144Hz support, not all desktop environments will correctly support it and even smooth 144Hz scrolling on browsers, and let's also talk about missing hardware acceleration by default. Surely, things that can be fixed in the future...
    For now, GNOME 3.32 is the only one who decently supports 144Hz for windows, and also for games there are some performance issues like Xfce and Mate who do not disable the desktop effects by design.
    And for multi-monitors there is no mixed refresh rate support and not even multiple v-sync on multiple monitors due to X.org technical limitation, and it's mandatory for NVIDIA because you can't use Wayland. But again, on wayland there are some performance issue as well with Xwayland games. A bit annoying.

    Another bad thing is the echo-cancel microphone support, which has to be enabled with CLI because there is no GUI for adding pulse audio modules.
    And I already spoke about broken driver support, not every config will be working flawlessly.

    There are some common issues with ALC892 and 1220 realtek chipsets and AMD mobos with crackling microphone input who are not being solved currently.

    Some good things though, is the native controller support for PS4 who do not need support and will correctly be detected plug&play seamlessly for example.

    Is an open source implementation, so not basically really "windowsly" its a free alternative
    There is even a Directx 9 driver native support on open source AMD drivers....called gallium 9, that means it's not relying on OpenGL and will have native windows performance
    I know that by myself, but there are some good programs like Davinci Resolve I personally use, and Krita which are fine for me for what I'm doing
    Also, KDEnlive, Olive are great alternatives at least for me.

    Obviously are not if you rely on the adobe suite
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to GabenJr in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    A lot of people are screaming about how there's not "one" Linux distro and that's hurting adoption. While that may be true to some degree, the distros that are currently out ahead in terms of usability are pretty dang good on their own. The problem as I see it is basically this (ironically unironically):

    Ubuntu was once considered the poster child for Linux, and in some cases still is, but it's clearly not the best solution now. And that's kind of the problem with coming behind one distro - It's not actually useful to look at it that way. Android's virtually in the same situation with every vendor having their own flavour, but nobody's complaining about that causing a major issue with adoption (plenty are complaining about package and especially update availability). The difference is Android is attached to shiny phones with compelling specs and designs, whereas Linux doesn't have that (mostly...)
    Overall though, if "the Linux world" rallied behind a single distro, I'd nominate Pop!_OS.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Corsair Nick in Corsair fan control on Linux   
    Ah, that workaround is probably your best option right now.  Can't really speak about products that haven't been released, but the best suggestion would be to rally more Linux users and post on our internal forums with the request.  I'll pass along the info here to our developers, and maybe find a more official and efficient workaround for you guys in the mean time.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to colonel_mortis in nightmare to sign up, to find...   
    Are you using tor? That is the only reason that I'm aware of that could cause you to receive more than one captcha. 
    Email verification is necessary to reduce the amount of spam that we get, and is standard on most sites like this. 
    If the editor wasn't working, it's possible that the editor was being blocked by something like noscript. If you don't have any extensions or content blocking enabled, what browser and version are you using? 
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to ThaChillera in Microsoft Should be VERY Afraid of Linux Gaming   
    Or until april 30th, when they drop support ??
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    Chunchunmaru_ got a reaction from LAwLz in *New* Edge (Chromium based) Preview is here! - Get it now!   
    Actually I remember Chrome/Chromium uses your system account and password to encrypt the password database, so it uses some sort of Windows API which should prompt something like an UAC authentication when that data is accessed, so they are definitely encrypted. The same happens on Linux (gnome-keyring) and MacOS (idk the name) even in Firefox.

    Something like that

    So maybe for some reason it either trust some programs or it just lets access to everyone for any program running with the same user once you unlocked it (or prompted your password somewhere else I don't know how it work in detail)
    EDIT: Looks like it uses DPAPI, the same as other Windows programs used for internet explorer as well
    I don't know what he is assuming with that software being open source regarding security, this has nothing do to with that
  21. Funny
    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to LAwLz in *New* Edge (Chromium based) Preview is here! - Get it now!   
    If you're implying that "because it is open source, anyone can view your password" then you're very wrong. Passwords can be extracted because it was designed that way, not because it is open source. It is possible to design an open source program which doesn't let passwords be extracted.
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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to Delicieuxz in Why Valve actually gets a lot less than 30 / 25 / 20 percent of Steam game sales revenue   
    EGS is paying millions of dollars to secure store exclusives and Tim Sweeney is feigning innocence despite him formerly viciously attacking Microsoft for trying to create a walled garden with UWP.
    Here's a recent comment I made about the same question:
    Steam and EGS comparison of features (it's not entirely accurate):

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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to MEC-777 in Post Custom Desktop   
    My laptop as of recently installing Manjaro. I like a clean desktop.  


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    Chunchunmaru_ reacted to TVwazhere in FREE $39.99 Game April 4th   
    It's linked within the quote above, but i'll summarize